Sunday, 11 November 2007

Sunday evening

Well the footie delivered big time yesterday. Sheffield Wednesday (who are pretty damn rubbish most of the time) had a rush of blood to the head and thrashed Southampton 5-0!!! It's the best score line I've seen them manage in all the 12 years Ive been watching them. I've seen a couple of 5-1's and a 5-2 but this was something else. Great stuff. When the 4th went in we were singing "Go Home! You might as well go home, You might as well go home. You might as well go home!!". That changed rapidly to "Can we play you every week? Can we play you every week??" after the 5th went in 2 minutes later.


Anyway, that set up a good Saturday evening. I drove up to Leeds to a friend's house. Angela had invited a gang of girls up for a meal and then we all got dressed up and headed out to a few trendy bars. I've seen Angela and Nadine recently but not the other 3 so their reactions were fun. It was nice not to be the fat friend any more. Not to feel the need to drink more and dance more and be "life and soul" to make up for your wobbley bits. It was nice to get checked out by the "fellas" and be asked to dance and get those little eye meets you get in bars etc. And because I've had a lifetime of being the fat friend it was nice to feel happy chatting to people like I always have done but this time not feel like they're just chatting to me because they want to get to know my skinny mates.

It was also nice to think - thank GOD I don't have to do this dating crap!! I wouldn't like that at all. D is definitely good for something!!

Anyway, my ability to drink doesn't seem to have diminshed with my weight loss so, in the morning, while everyone else was dying of a hangover, I felt fine and get up early and headed home. I wanted to pick the dog up and go for a nice long walk. I had thought maybe a run but I fancied a walk and think the dog deserved it.
I picked a walk at random from my little book, somewhere I haven't been before and headed up to Baslow. It was a nice, mild but grey and cloudy day. The walk was a good mix of fields, lanes and woods, about 6 miles but not especially hilly - sort of one long gradual climb, a long ridge and then a gentle downhill. A perfect Sunday tramp, especially rustling through the dry leaves in the wooded section - that was great. I felt so refreshed and energised afterwards. The photos aren't great because it was a pretty gloomy afternoon but it was truly beautiful.

Back to work tomorrow. Hope you all had a good weekend and are set up for a better week.


Peridot said...

You are always so bubbly and positive - and I can see from the photos that you LOOK that way too. Good for you. And envying you all that lovely countryside - rather than my own urban landscapes

Peridot x

Such A Pretty Face... said...

I know I say this in every second comment I make on your blog but the pics are lovely and like Peridot I envy all the beautiful countryside you have around you.

Trust me dating and the singles scene is grim, its awful, I was never one to know the do's and don'ts of dating and now many years later I am still no better. Men are weird, the rules are weird and being slimmer and getting more attention doesn't always help.