Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Saturday means footie!!!

Hope you like the piccies. They were taken in the field above my inlaws' house in Ireland. D's mum is always trying to tempt us to move back to Ireland by saying we could have a plot in the field and build a house up there. It could be a real "Grand Designs" sort of place too - it's on top of a hill but has a hidden wooded corner and the first 2 photos would be the views from the front and side respectively!! Not that I've thought it through at all!!! I love the one of D on the phone - he looks like a proper Irish farmer wheeling and dealing.
Anyway, morning all. I had a busy day's exercising yesterday - training first thing, a bracing walk on the moors in the afternoon a nd a freezing windy run in the dark in the evening! I did eat a fair bit too but not too bad.

The walk was the Walk of Frustration! I'd done loads of chores earlier in order to "earn" my walk in the afternoon so was pleased to grab my camera and head up to a sunny hillside. It was gorgeous! Lovely sunshine slanting through the silver birch; masses of cut millstones littering the hillside (which used to be a quarry up to early last century); clusters of mushrooms; the dog raising pheasants and rabbits and just absolutely bracing and crisp.
Why the frustration you ask? Well, firstly my camera jammed after the first picture so I couldn't take any of the lovely autumnal shots which presented themselves to me. My shooting finger was just itching to take some snaps and I couldn't! Secondly, the mushrooms were everywhere and they were good eating ones too - Wood Funnels, Puffballs (young enough to eat), Wood Blewitts....did I have a bag?? No I bloody didn't.. Grrrr. Normally you'd see a fly blown bag littering the countryside but yesterday? Not a one. I suppose that's good thing - no litter but it was very frustrating. I did pick some and put them in my hat but missed the best ones which were too fragile to carry in a woolly hat. And my ears got cold...
So - it was a great walk but annoying at the same time.
Must dash now - off to the football and then for an evening out in Leeds with some pals. Poor Shelagh has to to the the farmplace she stays in for the night - she won't be happy!
Have a good weekend everyone.


Guinea said...

Well done on the exercise front. You certain are looking fit!

Sorry to hear about the camera, it it permanently bust?

Mrs said...

Hi Lesley

I need to get that physical bug - just reading about your levels of activity put me to shame.

Photos are fabulous; would you really go to the Emerald Isle? Some friends of mine are also thinking about it. How build your own house!

Anyway, some tips of starting over (physically) would be gratefully received!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxx

Such A Pretty Face... said...


Just catching up on your posts, pics are lovely, being a city girl I am always amazed at the lovely country side that is featured in your pics.

You look radiant and lovely in your pics as always and look like you had a really good time.

Just hearing about your physical activity has me tired. I keep meaning to up my physical activity but alas I am still in the baby steps mode.

Thanks for your lovely comments - appreciated as always.