Saturday, 24 November 2007

Saturday - Finally.....

I've had another break from blogging. I've been trying to get to the computer but seem to be really busy and finding it harder to get to the keyboard. A few times I've had a choice between going for a walk or run or to the pub or staying in and blogging and, now that I can have a drink, I've been choosing the pub and then, because I chose the pub, I have to go for the run - hence less time to blog!! Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Also, our house is turned upside down and, until this morning when I did a thorough clean, has been covered in plaster dust. It isn't conducive to going upstairs I can tell you - much better to hide out downstairs and pretend it's all lovely upstairs!!

Anyway, I'm about to go out but thought I'd just post a quick entry to pledge to do better soon!!

I have been checking in to your blogs too!! Hello everyone and keep itup!

Also, Thick Chick - I've been giving some thought to your tag - I'll be doing a proper post on that soon but thanks chuck - nice to be tagged at last!!!


Guinea said...

Welcome back to the blog world. I hope you've ben enjoying your drinks now you're allowed them.

How much running do you have to do to burn off a glass of wwine?

Peridot said...

Glad to see you back - it's been very sad to check in every day and find no news!

Peridot x

Amanda said...

Hi Lesley,

Just caught up on your blog and love the pictures, it's such a beautiful part of the world you live in.

It looks like we've both had a bit of a break from blog world, but let's hope we're back on track.

You & Shelagh look great in the pics.

Amanda x