Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Still not 100%

I had been feeling better at the end of last week but regressed and was back to feeling like death again on Monday so another week of mostly working from home  to try and recover properly.  I generally get a nasty cold once a year and I'm hoping this is it for 2016!

So, still no exercise beyond dog walking and marching up and down Penistone Road to the football but I'm being very sensible with food and it seems to be paying off.  The dog walking is pretty hard at the moment as the fields are so muddy you're having to fight your way through.  But not the same as running.

After my less than hoped first week drop on Monday morning, the scales have reverted to their original, more promising level.  I have even managed an extra lb so, providing I stick to the plan and exercise restraint, I'm hopeful of a good week 2.  Come on 5lbs+ off!!

In other news, a busy week.  Monday was supposed to be dancing but I was too poorly.  Tuesday was football - a narrow victory over bottom of the table Bolton.  Tonight we are off to the theatre.  We bought tickets to Showboat at the Crucible  for Rich's dad and stepmum for Christmas and that's where we're off to later. Can't wait.  Tomorrow is french and then darts and dominoes.  Friday, a night off!  Saturday the big grudge match against Leeds and Sunday another quiz battle.

At least I have plenty to be getting on with while not eating too much!


Peridot said...

I am very impressed - and not a little jealous!


Stephbospoon said...

Look after yourself and I'm jealous about Showboat!

Seren said...

Hope you're feeling better and kicking @rse on the diet front. x