Thursday, 7 January 2016

Need to get organised

I'm dieting but without having proper diet food in the house.  So, when I get hungry, I don't have helpful diet-friendly snacks to help out.  I have had to tough it out and work out whether I really need to eat or whether I just want to eat.  After several months of unlimited noshing, it has been quite helpful to try and work through the tricky topic of "am I hungry or just greedy"??

So far, I have enjoyed the discipline, the whole not-eating, "I feel empty" joy which comes at the start of (yet another) diet.  I know that this joy will not last.  Really, I know this.  So, let's enjoy those few mornings when standing on the scales is not a chore but a pleasure.

Tomorrow I go food shopping.  Hopefully judicious purchasing will extend the honeymoon period for a little longer.

First up though there is "leaving the house" to cope with.  So far all I've done is some mild dog-walking and nipping to the Butchers.  Tonight I'm going to the PUB!  And not just any pub, our local pub which has been closed for a few months.   I will NOT drink beer and will stick to just the one glass of red wine.   My head will be clear for that dominoes battle at least.  Not that it matters much as we are solid mid-table going nowhere.

Rich's darts team, however, is top of the league so he's getting tense now that we've entered the business end of the season.  He's as serious about his darts as I am about the quiz team!  What a pair.

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Peridot said...

Good luck with the PUB - and the wine vs beer. Have a lovely weekend.