Monday, 11 January 2016

Best laid plans

I did well at sticking to the newest diet on my block, right up to Sunday afternoon! Well, I did have a few treatets on Saturday but sensible ones. A couple of rums instead of pints of beer, a couple of chocolates instead of a slice of cake etc.

I even turned down a last minute invitation to a boozy night out, partly for calorific teasons and partly cos I'm still not 100% after my cold. Rich went out. He didn't really want to but our mate  wanted to celebrate a new job so he took one for the team. I went food shoppihg after the match and picked up a salad for supper! That's how much I was trying.

Sunday started well too. Cooked breakfast and long, hilly (well, as long and hilly as my pathetic lung capacity and soe toe can manage) dog walk. We were just settling down in front of the fire and some mindless FA Cup action when my brother rang. He and his wife and son were a few miles down the road at David Mellor swapping a defective Christmas present and would be popping round.

We had a lovely, surprise evening. Teas and coffees turned into a couple of drinks in the village (sparkling wine not beer) which then, after some lively chat, turned into an early evening curry in Hathersage. Hadi, being Malaysian, is very interested in food, especially spicy, Asian food. She approves of the curry house in Hathersage, a lot!  My brother and nephew also love their food so supper was a fun affair. Wide, unusual choices, lots of sharing and tasting and me and Hadi sharing a nice bottle of Sauvignon!

Possibly not the greatest last evening before a first weigh in I've ever had but no regrets; it was a lot of fun.

So, to this morning's weigh in. Predictably, I did NOT see the satisfying 4.5lb drop which I had been sitting on for the last 4 days. That had evaporated with the curry and Sauvignon. It was, however, replaced by a modest 1.5lb drop so no harm done. Hopefully I can achieve that nice "first" week big drop in my second week. Wish me luck.


Seren said...

I would say a 1.5 lb loss the morning after a curry is a fantastic result! It just shows that you can live life, indulge and still lose weight when you balance everything out. Inspiring as ever!! Keep it up!


Gabby said...

Sounds like a very good result to me!

Peridot said...

Curry plus weight drop? Result!