Thursday, 3 July 2014

The scales, stubborn they are.

So, once again, I feel as though I've been trying really hard this week, but do realise that, as the scales have not budged AT ALL in 4 days, I'm probably not quite doing as much as I can.  The clue could be found in the large bottle of Bulmers to my right.

I am exercising moderately every day (golf, swimming, dog walking and running) and having salad for lunch.  I've hardly eaten bread in days.  All in all, I've been pretty good but not quite good enough.  I am avoiding nearly all office treats but crucially, not all.

Having read Seren's very focussed and sensible last post, though, I am trying to stay in the zone. She pointed out that there are 24 weeks left until Christmas.  As long as I stick to it, and get better at the snack avoidance, I could drop at least a lb a week which means I could be nearly 2 stones lighter by Christmas.  PROVIDED I stick to it!!!

No more diet maths's far too early for that sort of caper.  A woman can dream though. And dreams do help you stay on it.  (At least in week 2 they do.)

As you can probably tell from me blathering on about how rubbish my diet is, not much else is going on in my life at the mo.  An endless round of work (still covering for sick colleagues and getting further behind with my own stuff), chores (not touching the decorating or garden, just struggling to keep on top of everyday stuff) and diet and exercise.  We are going away this weekend though.  Over to my parents with Rich's dad and stepmum.  We're off to the Waddington Airshow on Saturday and we're praying for good weather.  I'm taking a picnic so I''m going to do my best to limit treat based damage but there will be drinks on Friday night in my dad's local. Should be a good nigth as I like Dad's pals and hopefully Gordon and Carolyn will too.

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Gabby said...

I find that sometimes the scale doesn't budge for weeks and then suddenly you'll have a big loss once all that virtuous eating/exercising catches up with you. Good luck!!