Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hectic but sticking to it

I played golf this morning in the glorious sunshine.  Heaven.  I actually played well and to my handicap for a change but just slipped up right at the end so didn't have the REALLY good round I was hoping for.  I lost by 2 shots, both of which I dropped on the very last hole by hitting my drive out of bounds!  Grrr  Still, it was pleasing to play well and not to go to pieces with a card in my hand.

And lovely to have a peaceful interlude in the fresh air without chores and places to be under pressure.  Straight after golf it was dashing home to pick up bags and pat the dogs goodbye.  Then off to sunny Lincolnshire to my parents' and an afternoon of working from home and supervising my mother while dad went shopping.  I got loads done but ended up working hard and late so I was happy that Dad cooked supper (gorgeous fresh fish from his weekly Grimsby fish man).  I picked up after that so had the energy to water the plants (just before it rained!) and put Mum to bed.

She has been sweet and playful this evening but spent the hour before bed asking to be taken "home" to Grimsby.  It must be so bewildering for her wondering why she can't go home and has to sleep in this evidently strange place (where she has lived for nearly 40 year!).  But she doesn't complain or fret(too much).  I hope she isn't distressed but hiding it.

I've since cyber stalked family on Facebook for my father's benefit, done an online shop and am now listening to the divine Anna Netrebko and Elina Garanka with my pa while tapping this out.  When selecting music to listen to I never fancy opera but when Dad plays his DVDs I remember how beautiful it is and how uplifting and wonder why I never listen to it at home.  I must not neglect it as this is stunning.

Tomorrow I will do a couple of hours' work then head down to Suffolk for the funeral after which I will drive straight home. It's going to  be a long day but we have an early start on Friday for the golf so it has to be done.  And then, with my pals arriving Saturday morning, I'm going to be shattered by Monday!! I can sleep when I get properly old (which will be soon at this rate)!

Hopefully all this dashing around will encourage the lard to melt.  A girl can dream eh?


Isabelle said...

Well done. Hope you're having a lovely time with your friends.

Peridot said...

Hope you hooked up with your cousins and enjoyed your weekend. I am jealous of their weekend's walking in your beautiful countryside!


hopefilly said...

Lovely to see your still bloggig you kept me going through a very difficult time many thanks x

Seren said...

Hi lovely Lesley - hope all is well with you. Missing your updates!


Blods said...

Hi Lesley, it's me again hoping that all is well with you and that weight loss is going well, take care Blods xx