Saturday, 12 July 2014

Photos from Langkawi- Kelim Geoforest Park

While on Langkawi, we managed to drag ourselves off the beach and golf courses long enough to go on a boat trip in the mangroves.  It was fascinating and very beautiful.  The guide was a tiny Malaysian girl who looked about 12 but must have been in her early 20s as this was her first job. She made mangroves seem very interesting and had a sharp eye for wildlife so what could have been a banal spin round the waterways became a genuinely interesting trip.

I cannot imagine spending a day in the baking sun in a boat while covered from tip to toe in black. Peering at the natural beauty through a slit or gauze.  Blegh!  Lots of Saudi money but no freedom.

A stately Monitor lizard.  I have no clue how the guide spotted it along the mangrove roots.  maybe it is always in that spot??

A long tailed Macaque monkey chewing on a Mangrove root. She was comical.

A fish eagle.  There were loads of Brahminy Hawks and eagles but it was very tricky to take decents pics of them and I didn't do very well at it. Need to go back to the classroom for a refresher re wildlife photography I think.

A series of Brahminy Hawks coming down to feed on scraps thrown from the Saudi ladies' boat.  Our guide didn't approve of it but, hey, we still got to see this thrilling sight!!

A trio of nursing mothers chatting with their offspring. Look at the baby in the middle having a total drama queen hissy fit!!

I thought this guy was going to step onto the boat to see if we had anything for him.  Luckily he stopped short and just posed nicely for me.

A marina, fish farm and floating restaurant in a hidden valley.  It was gorgeous.

Out to sea on the way home.

I like this one of us.  Must try to remember to swap it for the nasty one in a frame at Rich's mum's!!

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