Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A bit shaken

I've sorted through lots of my Malaysia pics and posted a few albums of these to facebook. This got me flicking through photos on my phone. I then noticed that my Blogger account has synched with my phone so that I can see loads of old photos from this blog in the Gallery on my phone.

I was idly flicking through a couple of these albums and found myself back in 2007, the year it all began and the year I followed Lighter Life. As well as photos of a rapidly shrinking me, there were photo snapshots of my weekly tickers. These showed my weight heading downwards steadily - oh frabgious days.... At a certain point I saw some photos which approximated to how I thought I look now. I checked the nearest ticker, added up the lbs and realised with horror that I'm actually nearly 2 stone heavier than that!!!

Eeeek. In other words, I'm seriously lardy and have body dysmorphia issues to boot.

This has GOT to stop and the extra lard must be banished. It's all motivation but what a slow process.

I'm golfing tonight and tomorrow morning and running and swimming often. Surely this will help??!

The picture below is my starting point. I'm only 3.5 stone lighter than that now having dropped nearly 9 stone!! Double eeeek. BTW, I'm not beating myself up here. Just want to make sure my chimp cannot hide from the truth and try and harness her determination in this next stage of the game.


Peridot said...

There's no "only" about 3.5 stones!


Linz M said...

I echo P! 3.5 stones is still a lot lighter!

I joined SW on Wednesday and I was way heavier than I anticipated... I very much have some sort of distorted body image because I still can't see it :)


Stephbospoon said...

I also have reverse dysmorphia, apart from with the last few stones I've really packed it on my face & shoulders so I can see it now. I echo P too btw!