Sunday, 2 March 2014

Time flies

Well, I turn my back and another 9 days fly by!! I did not have a WI this week as I was staying with my parents and couldn't find a class to suit. Probably a good thing as, somewhat out of the blue, my weight leapt up by 5lbs between Sunday and Monday and I spent the rest of the week wrestling it back down! As to why, well we went to a house party on Saturday night where I drank copious amount of rum and diet coke but I did masses of exercise that day and my eating was not excessive so I would be surprised if that accounted for the full gain. I suspect TOTM was part of it and just generally not-doing-the-diet-properly.

It's my rebellious, "I know better" nature. I always think, despite all evidence to the contrary, that I can buck the system and get away with it. Sigh....I can't....

The good news is that, rather than tailing off in my efforts, the threat of next week's WI and our looming holiday to Malaysia is making me buckle down. I'm back down to the last WI weight and have til Thursday to drop a couple of lbs and get moving again. It WILL happen!!

Exercise is good, lots of short runs and a few home workouts so that will help.

Not to mention decorating the house. It's happening, slowly, but steadily. We're at the stripping and preparing stage so the hallway, stairs and landing and spare bedroom look shocking and the house is full of little pieces of damp wallpaper padded around on doggie paws. But the papering and painting of the spare room will start soon and we're having the hall, stairs etc replastered so that'll look good. I can't wait!!


Seren said...

Good luck! That special time of the month can be responsible for all sorts of weight related havoc - I'm sure with a few good days between now and Thursday you will see a good result on the scales.


Leroy Davis said...

Thanks for posting this please update us from time to time love reading your blog posts!

Peridot said...

5lbs! Bastard SoD - what a flaming cheek. Good for you for not collapsing into a chocolately pile of distress.

Malaysia is exciting! And the house.

I did read about your health problems - I must say it seems very unfair for it to afflict someone so fit as you. Knowing you, you have a plan to deal with it?