Thursday, 6 March 2014


I went to my weigh in at lunchtime. Without much hope of a drop to be honest, maybe a smidgen. It was dashed. A STS after 2 weeks. I KNOW it could have been worse and it's still 6 off in 4 weeks but...but but but...


I'm a big baby and I wanted to hit my half stone and I wanted this to be easier. However, this has not dented my determination. I'm still going to carry on but will just tighten up a bit more as there has been a fair bit of slackness in the system. So, I'm keeping a food diary and I'm going to tot up those syns properly rather than broadly guessing (or ignoring them altogether!).

I'm pleased with how well I'm doing at the exercise and that will only get easier as it gets warmer and brighter. I even managed a 6.30am jog round the fields this week. Only 30 minutes but I enjoyed it.

In other news, my flare-up of what could have been gout but has not been confirmed as such has flared down. Thankfully. My big toe went from a low key, dull ache of a few months to a debilitating, sharp, impossible to ignore pain overnight. It got better day by day but the severe pain lasted a week and it had me worried. The GP says it's probably gout as my blood pressure tabs can promote an attack. Great. My blood test, though was inconclusive. I have some pills to take if it comes back but their horrendous side effect of sudden and uncontrollable diarrheoa would make me think twice!! A proper warning would have been appreciated there Doc....

Apart from diet angst, life is good. Rich is still lovely. The football is better than it was before Christmas (losing in the FA Cup aside). We're top of the league in the Quiz League with 2 matches left and second in the Dominoes League with a few more to go. I'm getting better at seeing pals and going to the theatre etc and our house is slowly taking shape. Even work is fine. This must be my most stable phase for years. Long may it continue.

Right, just the diet to conquer..... Again.


Peridot said...

Oh, it's a thankless business at times, isn't it? I still think the overall picture is pretty damn impressive but I totally get that you would want to see some additional movement. Fingers crossed that it happens for you next week.

Good news on maybe not having gout - my fingers shall be crossed for that too.


Seren said...

It is always frustrating when we don't see the results we want but it sounds like you are all over it so I fully expect to hear great things of your encounter with the scales next week.

Am so pleased everything else sounds like it is going well - long may it last!