Thursday, 13 March 2014

Weigh in result

I'm disproportionately happy with my 1lb drop. And that's better than being disappointed with it. That lb has taken me to a total drop of 7lbs in 5 weeks, the magic half stone barrier. I'm happy with that because I have now put together 5 consecutive weeks of dieting and exercising for the first time in a year. I'm back, baby! Yes, I had a fortnight setback but I didn't give up, I just carried on carrying on.
My overall target of 4 stone off is 1/8th completed and I'm not miserable in doing so.

For me, the real test comes once I've dropped 15-20lbs and start feeling slimmer. At that point the dreaded complacency usually strikes but half a stone is half a stone and hopefully it will soon be a stone. I'm hopeful that sticking to this class with its motley array of attendees will leep me going. There is a positive and supportive atmosphere and I think I need that weekly accountability.

Also, I have a shiny sticker on my SW book and Jovita (scary Russian lady) is pleased with me (although she does want me to increase the rate at which I drop the lard).

I'd love to drop a stone before Malaysia in 7 weeks' time but, realistically speaking, there will be no difference between 11lbs and 14lbs so as long as I'm still sticking to it and dropping steadily, that will suit me fine. Even another half stone will make all the difference in terms of my summer clothes fitting me comfortably and not needing to buy a bigger size.

And here's a picture of the lovely Minty, valiantly guarding the house against the omnipresent threat of THE POST!!


Seren said...

Well done - that's brilliant! So pleased - am sure that's the first of many shiny stickers.


PS Bless the girls, that picture did make me laugh.

Peridot said...

That's an hilarious photo!

Well done - half a stone is pretty damn impressive. Kudos from this corner.

Have a lovely weekend.


Isabelle said...

Well done you!