Monday, 24 March 2014

Weekend of highs and lows


I was struck down with a nasty bout of conjunctivitis out of the blue on Friday.  I've never had it before and I was NOT impressed.  By Saturday morning my left eye was swollen to epic proportions and gummed shut.  Yeeeuch!  I bought some cream in Hillsborough before heading to the pub and it started to clear up pretty quickly and has nearly gone now but it wasn't pretty and required a no-make-up weekend.  I didn't mind doing the no make up selfie for Cancer Research but wasn't happy about taking it on full time!


Lovely weekend with Richard and good pals.  We went to Doncaster for the football on Saturday and it was a good trip out with Richard, Richard The Post and The Other Richard (and Rich's dad). We met in the pub early and then took the tram and train over to Donny, into an Irish pub and then off to the match.


We played like part timers who have not met before.  Aaaargh.  It is so frustrating.  The team had scored 7 goals in its last 2 games and demolished top of the table opposition.  So, when we come up against struggling Doncaster Rovers, what do we do? Fall apart, that's what.

Another low:

As we left the ground, it started to rain.  The taxis we had booked were not there.  The 2 buses were full and departed without us with no more on the way.  The police and stewards we encountered and asked for directions were rude and unhelpful.  Did I mention it was cold and chucking it down?  It was a 40 minute walk into town.  Rich got into a bad mood and took ages to cheer up (which really irritates me). I drank beer I didn't really want.


When we cheered up and thawed out, we had a laugh on the train singing Wednesday songs and caught the connection out to the Valley by a matter of minutes saving us from a 90 minute wait in the station bar (admittedly an excellent pub) drinking yet more beer while wearing soggy jeans.  We had fish and chips when we got home and fell asleep on the sofa cuddling while trying to stay awake for Match of the Day.


I woke up on Sunday and the other eye was swollen to epic proportions and gummed tight shut. The house was a tip from the plasterer and we had to spend several hours cleaning, tidying and cooking to get it into a presentable condition.


My parents came over for Sunday lunch bringing over my brother's surplus to requirements lawnmower.  We had a lovely time.  Dad approved of the house and mum seemed to have fun despite wanting to go home 20 minutes after she got here!

Another high:

I went off to the final match of the pub quiz season.  It was a top of the table clash with us needing not to lose by more than 10 points in order to win the League.  We did better - we won the match and the League, retaining the title we won for the first time ever last year.  Well chuffed.  I know it's only a pub quiz league but it has been really good fun and was very satisfying to win.  The guys from the team were some of the most stalwart friends when I left Diarmuid.  Where others from the village dropped me from a great height, they stuck by me (and put up with the nastiness when D chucked pints of Guinness all over me) and I'll always remember that.

Some more highs:

Both eyes opened this morning and are nearly better.  The scales were kind despite an imperfect weekend.  Well, I wasn't really bad apart from the beer and fish and chips but there was not a lot of exercise.  The dogs ate Rich's sandwiches so I made some more and me and the dogs ran up to his work and back - about 3 miles.  We have dancing this evening.

So the weekend has ended on a high at least and there were definitely more highs than lows which is pretty much all you can ask for isn't it?    

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Isabelle said...

Well, at least you did have some highs.

Yes, we did zoom past the Dali, but Nicholas isn't much of an art connoisseur yet...