Friday, 21 February 2014

WI result

I did alright last week.  The big Valentines night out took its toll somewhat so by Sunday morning I'd gained back most of the 4lbs I'd dropped but I stuck to my guns and clawed them off day by day so that by Thursday morning I managed to achieve a 2lb drop.  Yay me!!

So I'm teetering on the edge of my first half stone off for a while, admittedly from a higher starting weight than I would have liked but 6lbs is 6lbs.

I feel a lot more focused, as though I'm back on track and have both a long term goal (3 stone off in 2014) but also a nice short term aim - drop 21lbs before we go to Malaysia.

The difference seems to be the class I'm going to in Rotherham.  Jovita (the mad Russian lady leader) is supremely enthusiastic and quite stern.  She is not afraid to cajole, encourage or just plain tell off and sometimes that is what you need.  Possibly her level of, erm, enthusiasm might seem a little unseemly in a Brit and it would be most alarming coming from an American or Canadian but somehow it's okay from a Russian. I think the key is that she genuinely does care about whether we drop weight or not.  And she is even more concerned that, when we do, we KEEP IT OFF!

In other news, my pal Nat is visiting from London for the weekend, arriving late this evening.  As our new pad is not open for guests just yet, she is staying with our mutual friend Stacey but I'll be picking her up tomorrow morning for a day of walking, nice lunch and tea and full on gossiping.  I am foregoing an away trip to Huddersfield for some girly time (Rich is going with his father and our other pal Richard).  Sometimes, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...

Anyway, back to watching the golf on Sky....I'm not THAT girly....


Seren said...

Well done, that's a fantastic result!

And I love the fact that your leader is so keen on maintenance - for many of us, keeping it off is the real tricky bit. Good for her.

Have a fab weekend!


Love Cat said...

Hello lovely lady!

So SO good to hear you are alive! Good work on the loss - very impressive! Looking forward to hearing more from you. x

Isabelle said...

Well done you!