Monday, 7 October 2013

Hello again!

My laptop is  very temperamental - working one day, notsomuch the day after.  But today it has relented and  allowed me in.  The first thing I did was to back up all my photos.  I have had the hard drive ready to do that sensible task for many months but it was only the proposect of losing them all which finally goaded me into saving them.  Done now so, phew!!

We had a wonderful weekend.  My tall pal Nicola came up from London on Friday afternoon for a packed programme of events.  We worked out we hadn't seen each other for about 3 years!  It's amazing how time flies by.  It was so nice to catch up again and we both promised not to let so long pass before we get together again.   Shelagh and Minty will be nagging me to invite her up again soon as they really took to her.  Climbing onto her lap and begging shamelessly.  She lapped it up as only  a true frustrated dog lover could.

So, a quiet night in on Friday eating, drinking wine and chatting.  Then a good long dog walk on Saturday morning before heading into Sheffield for the pub and then the football.  We met up with mutual friends Jim and Kerry in the pub as well as the usual football gang.  The match wasn't bad, but not good either.  Yet another draw.  That's our 6th and no win yet this season.   I don't think Jim or Nicola were particularly impressed and they certainly haven't missed the last few years without that!

Saturday evening was a bigger night out with Jim's partner Kate and Kerry's partner Rolie joining us for a smart meal in town.  It was great although somewhat frustrating to be honest.  Too many of us to really catch up properly.  Still, when you haven't seen people for a while you have to start somewhere.  Baby steps etc etc

Sunday was a lovely big cooked breakfast followed by another hilly walk in the glorious sunshine before saying good bye to Nicola.  As soon as she left Rich and I looked at each other and headed out onto the golf course to really take advantage of the blue skies and unseasonal warmth.  We met up with another couple so played 10 or so holes with them which was pleasant.  Good to be sociable and play with another couple as I'm used to being one of the boys!

It all finished off with the first match in the winter quiz league.  It was an away fixture in my new local pub.  A resounding victory 70-57!  70 always a good score so we were all chuffed with ourselves.

Too much booze, food but plenty of exercise.  The diet started again this morning and I managed a run this lunchtime out of pure guilt and feeling-fatness too.  Getting there, albeit rather slowly.

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