Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Gorgeous day

It is a stunning day in Rotherham today. I was working from home yesterday so was totally spoilt and could take the dogs out for a nice run at lunchtime. Today, stuck in the office, it is just frustrating looking at the sunlight lighting up the closed blinds and picturing how nice it is outside. That said, I have a date with the canal towpath in an hour so, once I get over the pain of running 2 days on the trot (stiff leg muscles), I WILL enjoy it.

Life is a bit overwhelming at the moment. Both home and work lives are full to the brim. My lists are ridiculous. I could spend all day adding new things to be done without ever starting on actually DOING anything. It is a bit scary to be honest.

And it's only going to get worse once we eventually have a date for our long-delayed house move. At the moment I'm dimly aware that I will have to sort out removals, switching bills, telephone, TV, addresses on everything and packing etc. As soon as the date is finalised those tasks will land on our heads like an avalanche. Eeeek.

I'm not helping myself though. In the midst of all this, a proper bargain of a holiday opportunity has appeared and I'm seriously tempted. I think it's because we have not been on holiday all year, just a few weekends here and there. Initially we didn't book a holiday because of Rich's captain's duties up at the golf course, then it was so that we could save some days to decorate the new house....ha....but now, as the year slips by, we both want to get away.

I'm fine, I still have loads of holidays to take before the end of the year so I could afford to take a week when we move as well as just over a week for this possible trip. Rich only has 9 days left though. So his new house decorating days would be limited. Hey ho - I can do what I can without him and I'm sure his Dad would give me a hand and then he'd have to do a shift over Christmas and at weekends now that the golf is drawing to a close. It'd be worth it I think.

I blame my sister. She offered us a cheap week in Spain that she couldn't use. This then fell away but left us both with the desire for a break. The current temptation is an amazing offer (from a golfing website) on a trip to Cappadocia and Antalya in Turkey. The scenery looks amazing and it is somewhere I've long wanted to visit. Just to stoke the fires, I rpicked up a detective story by chance recently which was set in the very region and that has just made it worse. I suspect our fellow holidaymakers might be somewhat geriatric but hey, for a last minute trip it could be just what we're after.

So, item number 52 on my list is now trying to find a decent week for this trip, which won't clash with our house move (ha), isn't booked up and which doesn't involve missing too much football.


Update - I just telephoned the company to find out about availablility and, despite there being literally dozens of dates listed from 6 different airports, there is only one possible date available and that is in a couple of weeks time! Typical. I've reserved it and now will have to see what Richard thinks.

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Seren said...

It sounds like a break is much required and well deserved so I hope it all works out for you both. Moving is horrifically stressful but I've found that lots of deep breathing and good Scotch helps ease the pain :-)