Sunday, 14 July 2013

Not all doom and gloom

I feel guilty leaving my last post as one entitled "Sad Day".  It implies that I'm still sad which (apart from the odd moment) I'm really not.  I didn't feel like posting for a few days after little Gordie's last day as I just wanted to move on and not dwell.  Writing the last post really helped though as I said everything I needed to say about what happened and sort of closed it off.  I think it would have been helpful for Rich as he struggled for a few days longer than I did, poor chap.

Obviously I've had to talk about it non-stop to all and sundry as having bulky dressings festooning my hand is a bit of a conversation starter!

The dressings are off now and all the cuts have cleared up apart from one.  My index finger is still swollen, numb and pins and needley though.  I can't bend it fully due to the swelling which isn't helping my typing or my golf either!

What of weight??  Well, I weighed in last Monday and had dropped another dull but worthy lb.  No complaints but...., honestly,.....snooooooze......  I feel like I'm on track for another similar week this week too.

Exercise has reverted back to walking and golf only *gnashes teeth*.  I was just getting back into more strenuous aerobic exercise with the swimming and running and then have been set back.  I have not been able to go swimming due to the wounds and haven't felt like running due to the heat and the added complication of the dressing.  (I know that sounds rubbish but if I take the dogs, then it is tricky running with them and dealing with leads with sores paws.)  Today was the first day when I found myself thinking - "I could go for a run".  I didn't cos I'm meeting Kerry very soon but at least my mindset is getting back on track.

So, I'm pleased I've weathered the storm without losing my focus or being derailed, to mix some metaphors.

I'm looking forward to my morning out with Kerry today.  I'm not golfing today so had a free Sunday for a change.  I have played last week but only 'cos I was already signed up and it was President's Cup and it didn't do my hand much good so I decided to give it a rest today as Rich and I are playing in an Am Am tomorrow.  So, Kerry and I decided to do the countryside earth mother thing.  We're going to collect some elderflowers and make elderflower cordial.  If we have time we might also try our hands at some elderflower fritters and maybe even some elderflower champagne!  We're going to exploit the hell out of those gorgeous, fluffy, white blossoms seeing as there are so many this year.

Just to warm up my earth mother genes (and to use up a hand of overripe bananas I'd forgotten about in the fridge) I chucked a banana and choc chip loaf in the oven while doing my chores this morning and it is smelling gorgeous!!  Can't wait to come home to that after our walk.

So, just the washing to hang out and dogs to round up and we're off.  Enjoy the sunshine everyone - isn't it the best?!

PS.>  Just texted Kerry and mentioned the cake.....she replied "Oh Christ - WI here we come!"   Yikes....she may be right....


Seren said...

Glad to hear things are ok with you! Keep going and all those little pounds will soon add up (she said in her best patronising WW leader manner :-) ).

Oh, and send a slice of cake this way will you???


Love Cat said...

I am so sorry to hear about Gordie. Such a horrible thing to have to go through but at least he had a few lovely last days with someone who really wanted the best for him.