Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Fresh air

 I don't know why I haven't tried this large photo format.  What do you think??  Better or worse?

These were taken a couple of weeks ago on a sunny Sunday morning when I didn't have any golf and Rich did.  I took the dogs up Bradwell Edge for a hilly spin.  It is a STEEP hill but great for views.  This is the relatively benign start to the walk, don't be fooled.

We've already made some height and can see our little corner of the village nestling in the valley below.

And now the whole village and the Hope Cement Workswith Mam Tor beyond are spread out before us.

Minty waits patiently in the sunshine.

Below us is the massive field at the end of our road.

And the raod heading off towards Tideswell, known locally as The Dale.

It must have been a good day for paragliding as there were already several up in the air.  Now I like fresh air more than most but I have so far drawn the line at launching myself off a steep hill into it.  Looking at them while out walking though, maybe I'll give it a go sometime??

I've often seen this sign but never actually "followed the contours" for Abney moor. But on that sunny aimless Sunday I gave it a go.  It's harder than it sounds to follow contours.  We headed down too much at the start, lured by the lush green valley ahead and then had to clamber up a steep hill to get back towhere we needed to be!

The photos don't do it justice; this little fold of the hillside was magical.  No footpath, no people, just bright greenness with windswept trees and a tiny brook.  Gorgeous.  I'm going to head up there someday with a book and a picnic and just spend the day!!

Okay, I liked this tree.  It had character and presence!

We've hauled ass up the hill now and find ourselves on the top of the moor in acres and acres of nothingness.  no sheep, no paths no people.  The dogs set off after swallows!

After a while, we came across some sheep.  They weren't impressed by us.

I liked the look of these chunky lambs.

And this perfect straight (and somewhat pointless) wall.

Down the dusty path looking towards Win Hill.

There are now MASSES of paragliders up in the air, clouds of them.

Does that look like fun to you??

The village of Bradwell - what a contradiction.  Farming, mining, quarrying, factories but tucked into stunning limestone countryside.

What a handsome beastie - looks like a prize winner to me.

The modern Peak District - dog walking, paragliding and mountain biking all in one shot.

A tandem paraglider against the blue, blue sky. Nice to have company up there.

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Seren said...

Beautiful. I do not approve of steep hills but views like that make them (occasionally) worth it.