Sunday, 21 July 2013

Change of pace

So, the symbolic mini run yesterday evening WAS a good idea after all (despite how it felt at the time which was sore...).  Having broken the running seal I managed to go for a much longer run first thing this morning and now I feel peachy.  Well, worthy and healthy at least.

I'm pleased too because I've been irritated by my inability to make myself go running in the hot weather and now I know that it really was just the heat putting me off not my lazy chimp.  It was lovely and cool this morning and I actually enjoyed it!  The dogs did too; they've been struggling a bit in the heat but the overcast (comparative) coolness this morning set them off running like puppies.

We've had a quiet weekend really despite the fact there have been loads of big events on round and about.  I blame Rich's golfing commitments!  It was President's weekend at his club so we played in a fun Texas Scramble competition there on Friday evening and had a meal afterwards thus missing Reverend and the Makers headlining at Tramlines in Sheffield (we MIGHT have gone....).  Then it was the proper competition yesterday with a more formal meal afterwards which meant we missed a charity disco in our local and/or Carnival night in Bamford.  Both sound like they would have been great nights but, as Rich is captain it was duty first. 

To be fair, much as I like a good night out, I'm quite enjoying being quiet and not pouring vast quantities of booze down my neck as I'm sure I would have if I'd gone to either of the big night's out.  I very much doubt I would have been out running this morning anyway!!

This afternoon there is a 30th birthday do down at the golf club (where else?!) but I suspect we'll be having a few and then heading home to catch up with The Open, The Ashes and The Tour de France!  If Lee Westwood and the England cricket boys can do as well as Chris Froome it could be an awesome sunday for British sport!

So, I need to push through with this running malarkey and, more importantly, make sure that if I can't go running, I do something else like swimming or training.  My personal trainer is back from his hols now so sweating in the gym will get back on track after a few weeks' hiatus too.  I really want to push on with my dull but worthy progress and get a stone and a half off by the end of this year.  It can be done!


Hazel said...

Well done pushing on with your run. I've noticed that the temp curve in this warm spell means that it is (oddly) less hot at lunchtime than after work.

Today a case in point - I dragged my sorry ass around 5km at 1.30pm at 23c; at 6pm it would have been 28c. Ouch!

Peridot said...

I think 1lb a week is something to be proud of - solid, steady progress.

Lovely pics for me to catch up on and I've emailed you separately.