Friday, 19 July 2013

Counting blessings

Hello again.  I've been around just not posting much - too sunny to be indoors!  Isn't it gorgeous?  It raises my spirits on a daily basis to wake up to yet another gorgeous day.  We're lucky out here in the sticks that we can keep the house cool enough in the nights to be able to sleep reasonably well and my work and home offices are both pleasant too.  Commiserations to all of you who may be struggling in the heat though - I hope you manage to enjoy it over the weekend.

Weight wise, I managed another dull but worthy lb off this week so that is a total of 3 off so far.  I'm suspecting a lack of concentration this week and possibly a reversal on its way so MUST get back to exercise to stave this off.  The problem with this has been - too hot to run (how lame is that excuse!) and until very recently I couldn't swim due to dog bitten paw!

However, the wounds have healed now (although my index finger is still swollen and numb and needs to be checked out by the doctor) so I could swim.  Early mornings methinks to miss the crowds.  I'm battling with the finger to continue to play golf though and doing lots of walking so not all bad.

Other blessings I am counting include my lovely man.  He continues to be so sweet and thoughtful.  Even though he has big issues down at the golf club to resolve which are taking a lot of time and brainpower, he still never lets me feel left out or neglected.  He has suggested a weekend in London in a couple of weekend's time (3/4th August) - staying with my pal Natalie, doing touristy things on Friday, the first match of the season on Saturday and maybe meeting up with other pals on the Sunday (you around for Sunday morning/lunch Peri??).

We've had some lovely rounds of golf and a few nice evenings out, just the 2 of us.  It's so nice to be with someone who walks the walk as well as talking the talk.

Below are some pics I took at the weekend.  We picked a shady, watery walk round Dale Dyke Reservoir as too hot for dogs and hills and it was just stunning.

We spotted  a couple of townies on their summer holidays.

Shelagh swimming  with her stick.

The noisiest field full of sheep ever.  They just did not shut up for the whole walk.  No idea what they were on about.

4 teenagers swam across the reservoir.  I was quite envious.

This is as far as Minty goes into the water....unless I push her!

Rich posing nicely on a lovely (if somewhat tattered) Victorian bridge over the slipway.

The slipway, dry as a bone.  I think we do need some rain but can we have it at night please??

I don't remember a year when the foxgloves have been so lush and bountiful.

Look at that bank of flowers!!

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Hazel said...

Hi Lesley - brill pics as ever! Love your countryside. :-)

Generally, I don't have cause to do anything but admire your blog, but I'm with you on struggling to get a run into the schedule in this heat. Wimp or sensible? Hmm.

My worry is that as the world's most reluctant runner - I've doggedly stuck to it for the past 6 wks or so, and I am (hate to admit it) at times, actually enjoying myself - I'll fall by the wayside and find it far to easy to hang up my running shoes...

Hope that the sheep weren't creating as they'd had their lambs taken away...dreadful thought, but it would stop me enjoying roast leg of lamb at weekend...