Saturday, 20 July 2013

Aaand breathe

The weather has turned a little cooler and instead of getting out for a longer walk or (whisper it) even a run, I'm inside mooching around, surfing, doing chores and watching the Ashes and the Open!!

So, I'm going to do this post and then get changed and GO FOR A RUN!!  It will be a short one but it will be symbolic and hopefully will assist with another dull but worthy lb next week???

These pics are from my walk with the girls yesterday afternoon.  I didn't really want to be walking at 2pm but had to work in the morning and was golfing at 4pm so afternoon heat it was.  I chose a riverside walk for all our sakes!

Golf was a Texas scramble up at Rich's club for his President's weekend.  It was great - I played with 3 oldtimers and we came in third so a very creditable performance.  A nice meal afterwards and suddenly it was 11pm.  How did that happen?

I played another round up at Rich's club with my pal Fran this morning.  She's never played there so we had a round and really enjoyed it.  It's a different challenge to my club, in one way much easier as shorter and smaller greens but in another really tricky!!  The fairways are very tight and the rough and woods everywhere!  We had such a laugh though and when we got in chatted with all the men about to set off on their President's competition round.  A lovely morning and blessedly cool too.

I wish I had Smellovision on this blog as the smell of freshly mown grass in this field was gorgeous!

An empty field but even the swallows were too hot to fly.  Minty ran around looking for them but no luck.

The field was roasting so we retreated to the river for a cool down.  I paddled down chucking sticks for Shelagh to swim for. Greeeeen.

Then back out to the field.  I'm surprised it hasn't been mown yet.  It's looking very brown now.
High summer.

A final swim before turning back.  The ducklings are nearly grown but that didn't stop the mama duck from being very protective of her charges.  She shepherded them downstream while Shelagh had yet another swim and I had another paddle.

Shelagh wasn't tempted - it's all about the sticks with her.

What ARE you doing in the river Mum??

Too hot for me....

Mama duck is still watching us even though her family are miles away now...

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