Monday, 24 June 2013

She swims again!!

Just to report in very quickly - we DID go swimming at lunchtime and we both (Chimpetta and me) really enjoyed it!  I calculated (while swimming) that I haven't been swimming since November 2011 when we moved offices.  It felt smooth but I was tired after 42 lengths compared to the 50 plus I used to do. I'll get back there.

I wish now I'd got a season ticket this year at the Hathersage open air pool (where I was swimming today).  I intended to but, on the opening weekend around Easter we were stuck in the village with snow and somehow I never got around to it after that!  Now I won't get my money's worth this year so will have to pay as I go and rely on the public sessions which aren't as convenient.

Ah well, who cares, it was lovely.


Isabelle said...

42 lengths!! Good grief. I'm very impressed.

Peridot said...

Outdoor swimming! In the North! God, you're both brave and tough!

Love Cat said...

Great work!

I need some of your inspiration. Last night I ate a whole packet of Viennese sandwich biscuits - in secret :(

Loving all the regular updates from you - they are helping!

So pleased you are feeling in the groove. x