Monday, 24 June 2013

Day 1 and it's already tough to get Chimpetta under control

I'm pleased to say that I woke up with my determination from yesterday evening intact.  I'm still feeling the love for a renewed push at dieting and keen to get stuck in.  Of course, this is not what my chimp wants to hear.  She has been fighting a canny rearguard action already but I have had a couple of significant early successes which always helps. 

I set a mini-target of going either running or swimming and sticking to SWTOMG.  With hindsight, I probably should not have given myself any wriggle room on the running OR swimming as that gives her room to manoevre.  I meant to go running first thing but, for some reason Richard and I both slept in and by the time I got up I needed to get to my computer to work.  The anti-running internal negotiations commenced but I out-flanked her by checking out swimming times and "we're" going later this lunchtime. 

I also had a struggle over the contents of my lunch.  When I was doing SWTOMG properly, I had no problem at all having a carb free late breakfast of bacon and eggs.  Bread and toast has been my downfall recently and today it was a struggle to stick to the bacon and eggs.  But I managed it and now I feel perfectly satisfied and not at all hungry.

So, it has begun again.  I'm cheesed off that I have undone nearly all the good work of last year but hopeful that I will get back into the swing of it quickly. 

Weightwise, I stood on the scales this moring and saw a horrible sight - 15.3.  Blegh.  That is going to change and change quickly as I'm NOT giving up.  I want to be going to Malaysia in the 13s if not the 12s.  I know in my heart that I'm going to be fighting with my weight and my chimp for the rest of my life but I'm determined to make the battleground more comfortable and at a lower weight as time passes.

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