Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Day 2 - sunny day in the office (gnashes teeth)

We went for a walk a couple of weeks ago.  Around the route from Bamford to the Ladybower Reservoir.  It doesn't really matter where you walk round here at the moment  as everything is so pretty.  The green just hits you and the wildflowers are stunning. 

Minty eternally scouring the fields for swallows to chase.  Unsucessfully for the most part the poor little bear.

Bamford Edge with the Ladybower dam wall in the foreground.

We want to see - let us see!!

You can see why.  A glowering black sky followed us but turned right just at the right time so we didn't get wet.

Severn Trent are still taking out the conifer plantations and replacing them with deciduous woodland.  This log pile smelt gorgeously piney.

More bluebell woods with slanting sun motes.

The view up towards Derwent.  We often walk along that skyline in the background (you'll have seen the pictures....).

Lockerbrook.  Don't know why but I've never walked on that hillside.  I must do it sometime.

Grumpy Richard - well, not really just facing into the sunshine and the stiff breeze.

So, weighing in this morning was MUCH better.  I know it's early days, of course I do, but the fact that I'm mentally back on track  makes a huge difference (as does a couple of lbs off).

I went into the office this morning which was annoying.  As it was so sunny first thing and I had no meetings I was tempted to work from home again but sucked it up and got on the train.  This was a mistake.  My laptop had been working fine at home but died as soon as I tried to log on in the office.  Cue ringing IT; trying half a dozen different ways to log on; trying to find stuff to do without a laptop and basically wasting a few hours doing not much.  I eventually got it going again (IT never did turn up) so got some work done but my day would have been much nicer (and more productive) if I'd just stayed put. 

And I would have gone swimming again too (my new favourite pastime).

However, I was determined for the day not to be a bust so planned a good long hilly evening walk while Rich was on the golf course.  I dropped into the Co-op on my way home and bumped into Rich's niece on her way home so we ended up going for a walk together.  She's 20 and recently moved in with her boyfriend and it was great chatting with her and, hopefully, giving her a helpful/alternative perspective on a few things.  She seemed to enjoy herself anyway and she loves the dogs. 

We were out for 90 minutes and climbed the big hill behind Bradwell which was deserted and beautiful.  As we reached the top of the hill the sun came out and the orchids on the top road are just starting to bloom.  That along with the smell of fresh mown hay and evening birdsong, well, it was heavenly.

So, I've been pretty good foodwise and I've got a healthy chicken kebab and salad supper planned so that will be 2 good days under my belt.  May they lead to many more.


Seren said...

Lovely positive few posts - glad to hear you're back in the swing (or should that be swim - God, I'm witty) of things. Seeing your posts almost makes me wish for dogs, they must make such lovely walking companions but sadly, I am a through and through crazy cat lady.


Peridot said...

I do hope the Peaks tourist body sponsors you as I see these photos and instantly LONG to move there.

My mother is getting a THIRD dog as my brother is dumping his Labradoodle on her. She has a small house and two (proper) Labs already. So, I get to be part-time foster parent to three dogs now!