Sunday, 16 June 2013

A sunny walk in the White Peak

After an unsettled but actually not too bad weekend weather wise, I thought a few bona fide sunny pictures from a week or so ago would be pleasant. 

This is the big field at the end of our road which I love.  It is called Hazelbadge and it's massive and beautiful.  Even a quick 20 minute spin round in any sort of weather lifts my spirits and the dogs adore it.  Sadly, it will be a lot further away when we move but I will still visit often.

The view back towards the village and Win Hill.

All winter it has been empty but now there are some "new" cows and their calves to negotiate.  For the first week or so after they arrive the mothers are skittish and fiercely protective but they soon settle down.

.....subject to a few hard stares that is....

Look at that big blue sky and the sheen of the buttercups. 

As an aside, is it my imagination or are the buttercups more plentiful than usual this year?  I can't remember being so struck by the fields of gold in previous years.  Either way, they are simply stunning this year.

Some chilled out calves eyeing me and the dogs.

We've now left the big field, skirted round the grumpy farmer's house and crossed the road into a walled lane. Watched all the way by some curious bullocks.


Minty catches sight of something impressive...

A very big boy lumbers over the hill above us.

We're now out onto the road and heading back towards Bradwell.

It is so lovely I detour up an overgrown footpath up the hill to the top road.  The wildflowers are finally coming out to play.

We pass an isolated farmplace.  It usually has a generator thundering away but today all is quiet.  This place looks like a shrine to the "Reduce, Re-use, Recycle" slogan.  I can't imagine that much has been thrown away here for decades.

Up on the top road leading towards Castleton and all is quiet.  Not a single car passes us.

Minty poses prettily among some dandelions.  As long as they're not in my garden, I even like dandelions...sometimes....

More big sky at the very top of the White Peak.

And finally the long downhill back into Bradda.  This is the steep slope where I slipped on the ice back in February and nearly broke my arm (well, it felt that way anyway).  It's a bit different now!

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Katherine Austen said...

OMG... you live in a stunning area... so jealous!