Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Glass half full or glass half empty?

So, I can't avoid the awful truth any longer.  My weight is NOT going down, indeed it appears to be going up.  I weighed in at 14.13 on Monday morning so, instead of going down from 14.11 at my supposed restart  3 weeks ago, I'm going up.  Yay me!!


So, that's the glass half empty - I've got to face the fact that I've gained just over half a stone of the 16 lbs I'd lost.

Now for the glass half full - I'm still over half a stone lighter than I was when I started back in September.

There is, therefore, still time to turn this round before I'm back to where I started.  And I'm getting there.  I made actual progress this evening by......drumroll.......going for a run!!  Hooray!!  I haven't been running for several months.  Not since early March/February at the latest.  I had told myself I was going to go at lunchtime and packed my kit to take to work accordingly.  Then, as lunchtime approached, my chimp started up with all the excuses and the trying to persuade me that we could always go out later and I needed to stay and work etc etc.  I stayed strong and ignored her and grabbed my kit to going on the dot of 12, only to realise that I'd failed to pack my trainers!!

However, I DID not let myself be derailed.  I had an appointment with a mortgage adviser at 5-6pm and a house viewing at 6.15 (the house we're living in - the landlord is selling) but despite that I was changed and ready with the dogs as soon as the viewers arrived and off we went. 

I won't lie to you, it wasn't easy but it was a lot easier than I had built it up to be in my head.  I managed a good, hilly 40 minutes and although I was slow and steady rather than spritely, I didn't stop and wasn't in pain or anything.  Which is good 'cos now I'm not frightened about getting out again, soon.

The foundations are laid, I'm back on the trail again.  More frequent blogging is required to help keep me going too.

In other news, we've had lovely weekend.  We went over to Portal near Chester for a golfing break.  Gorgeous course, lovely spa hotel, nice meal and good trip all in all.  Richard is taking his Captain's away trip to the same place so he was scoping the place out.  Now we've got another lovely long weekend coming up - can't wait.  Hope the weather improves for all of us. 


Katherine Austen said...

Hi, how frustrating for you...totally feel it! you have defo started again in the right direction, that first time back running is awful but now you have done it you will be able to go again with ease. I recently returned to the gym too and it was hell the 1st time but now I go every morning! I go on Pinterest (www.pinterest.com)for inspiration as well... if you don't use it you should defo give it a whirl..they are so many good images and things for inspiration...keep it up and your glass is defo half full!

Amanda and Paul said...

I am, as ever, full of admiration that you run on those hills. Best of luck for your fresh start.


Love Cat said...

Good work on the run! And you're right. There is still time to turn this around.

We can lose on average a pound a week without having to kill ourselves. We can make effective changes that we can managed to fit into our lives without turning it upside down.

You're sounding positive - let's do this! x

Seren said...

Yay for you facing down that evil chimp. It's a huge big step in the right direction.

And I, of course, bow down in awe of all runners so whatever the scales are saying you must be preserving good levels of fitness.