Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Life is not always compatible with Dieting!

I had high hopes for this week but these have not materialised. I was initially derailed by a silly Wednesday (which I blogged about in an earlier confession); got it back together at the end of last week after a fashion although not sufficiently well to make up for a hectic weekend. So that's where I am, not having given up or gone mad by any means but not having had a dedicated, stellar dieting week in advance of my week's holidays either.

I suppose I still have a good half a week before I go away on holiday anyway so all is not lost. And there is no reason why I can't exercise some restraint on holiday either so this is what I will have to focus on doing.

In terms of exercise, it has been patchy. Training on Thursday and Zumba Friday was good. No time to run on Saturday and only a walk on Sunday not great. I had meetings back-to-back yesterday so couldn't go to Pump at lunchtime but I went to dancing which is some sort of activity. I WILL be back on the straight and narrow with swimming today at lunchtime. I WILL find something to do on Wednesday while working from home, even if it's just marching up Bradwell Edge!!

Drinking has been somewhat excessive. A bit too much to drink on Saturday - 2.5 pints before the game and 2 glasses of wine afterwards. More drink on Sunday - 2 pints of extortionately priced cider at the Kaiser Chiefs gig in Leeds. I thought it was worse, actually, but when written down is not heinous over a week.

Food though has been more chaotic. I just don't seem to have got into the SW swing this week. Too many meals which, while not particularly bad, were not great on the SW counter.

Sunday for example - a big grilled breakfast, sensibly cooked but involving bacon and eggs etc not too bad and it set us up for a nice long dog walk. Then a sandwich snack before we left for Leeds; not wonderful but also not bad either. Then nothing. The food at the gig was ridiculously priced, not great looking and there were huge queues for everything so we just didn't bother. Rich picked up a kebab at midnight on our way through Sheffield but I virtuously declined. Partly because of the calories and partly because I couldn't face greasy rubbish at that time of night. I was starving though from all the jumping up and down and standing on my hinds legs for hours.

The Kaiser Chiefs themselves were great though. A proper showman as a frontman and a good set. Being old and crotchety, I could have done without the hours of support bands at the beginning. Too much standing around. Thankfully it didn't rain and wasn't too cold and the wind hadn't hit as that could have made standing in a field next to Kirkstall Abbey for hours most unappealing!

Saturday was another off-piste sort of day. Nothing for brekkie then hungry and a very difficult choice in the pub so a cheeseburger and no chips. Then a sensible supper. But it was disjointed and unplanned. I should have had breakfast, gone for a run and then grabbed a salad before going out which would have avoided the pub choices. Silly laziness really. I would have enjoyed the salad more.

So - I hope that no real damage has been done; I hope that I might scrape a modest loss or STS. And I will get back on track for the rest of this week so that I can go into our holiday week in a sensible frame of mind. I'm fully intending to have some nice treats but also don't see the point of going mad or anything. We will be cooking in the cottage several nights so that should help. The Fry Light will be coming with us!! And we'll be walking and golfing too so that will help.

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Seren said...

No, life certainly isn't compatible with dieting! But what this post says to me is that you've discovered the Holy Grail of moderation. Ok, you could have made a few decisions that were more in line with SW principles, but actually when you look at what you've had written down it's not all bad.

And hopefully the scales will agree with me.