Monday, 5 September 2011

I weakened....

The trouble is, I was feeling fat. You know when your tummy is bloated out and, even if you're not eating much, you don't FEEL thin. So, on Saturday morning I hoiked the scales out from under the bed and hopped on. I had Stayed The Same!! Aaaaargh. Actually it was a bit of a relief because I was feeling soooo podgy I thought I might have gained!

I know that the SW Leader said I should steer clear of the scales but I still feel that it was helpful to me as the STS knowledge didn't depress me and kept me on the straight and narrow throughout a potentially difficult day. We had my parents visiting in the afternoon for lunch and a chat and that could have deteriorated into biscuits with coffee, dessert with lunch etc. As it was we went to a really nice country pub for lunch and had an excellent meal but I chose wisely. I had a gin and slimline tonic instead of beer or wine and a fish pie for main course. Now the pie did involve a lovely a creamy and no doubt calarofic sauce but there were plenty of vegetables and no dessert despite my Dad and Richard tucking into the most gorgeous looking and smelling sticky toffee pudding!

I have never intended this diet to be a total abstinence fest so, as long as any treats are worthwhile and in moderation, I'm not going to begrudge myself them. And the fish pie really was worthwhile....mmmm. Mum had the same as me and Rich and Dad had equally yummy looking lamb shanks on sweet potato mash - it's safe to say we'll be going back to the Bull's Head at Foolow!! And, as a bonus, it is a lovely White Peak village with a market cross and duck pond on the village green in the centre, perfect for a wander around once you've eaten!

So that was Saturday. I didn't get much in the way of exercise in although we went for a decent walk after Mum and Dad had left in the evening sunshine.

Sunday was much more energetic. My usual Sunday golfing partner Nigel (or the "Old One" as Rich is now calling him after the golf club dinner last Monday!) didn't fancy playing this weekend as he had played Thursday, Friday and Saturday so I had the morning off while Rich was at his course. And very pleasant it was too! I decided to go for my Saturday morning run on Sunday as I had been cleaning and tidying in honour of Mum and Dad's visit the day before.

I was up and dressed in my running gear nice and early and all set to go when it started to rain! Blegh. The rain didn't last long (and I WAS going to go out even if it had persisted) but it did make me re-think my route. I didn't fancy the usual fields if they were all wet so took the dogs over to Bamford and ran along the old railway track up to the Ladybower reservoir and back through the village. I used to do that route often and it's about 5 miles. It's mostly flat or gentle inclines but there is one big hill up to the top of the dam wall which is a killer. I'm really pleased to report that it was not too bad! It's about the same as my usual Bradwell run but, because it's on a track, there is less stopping for stiles or taking off/putting on dog leads due to sheep. I kept up a steady pace and really enjoyed it.

I also bumped into a couple of old muckers from my former village and enjoyed a catch-up with them (thankfully at the end of the route when I was happy to stop); picked some blackberries; and let the dogs have a swim in the river above the weir! All in all a very pleasant wet and muddy morning.

The afternoon was family stuff with Rich. A trip into Sheffield to visit his brother's family and deliver a third birthday present to his niece. Much tea and chat and playing with birthday presents and, in my case, a bit of looking out the window longingly at the sunshine which appeared in the late afternoon!! I'm terrible at wanting to be outside every weekend, especially around now, towards the end of the summer when the good weather and long evenings are disappearing. Luckily I managed a quick dog walk round the block in the evening while the shoulder of lamb was roasting so I was not too deprived! Mmmmmm, roast was goooood (though I say so myself!).

So, after all that, I'm still feeling chubby round the tummy area and I weakened again this morning to see a hearteningly, and surprisingly, decent drop on the scales. I'm NOT going to let that affect me however, especially bearing in mind what has happened the last 2 Tuesday mornings!! I had a very sensible muesli breakfast, salad and fruit for lunch not to mention the killer that is Pump FX. It was soooo hard today, I can barely lift my arms which will make dancing tricky this evening! However, I'm not to be detered and supper will be diet-friendly too (no idea what but I'll find something). Then there's just tomorrow to negotiate before weighing in tomorrow evening. I really want a good drop this week and next so that I'm going on holiday on the back of a decent weight loss. But, steady as she goes, I'm still 5.5lbs lighter than I was 3 weeks ago and that is not to be sniffed at!!


Peridot said...

Phew, I thought you meant you'd scarfed chocolate cakes! Weakening to weigh is not so terrible in the scheme of things...

Sigh, your posts always make me even sadder that I live in grotty old London.

Good luck with SoD


PS Thank you for the bday card - so sweet of you.

Seren said...

Well, sometimes hopping on the scales can be advantageous - as in this instance. As long as you know when it is a good idea (and, conversely, when it is not) then no harm!

Your weekend sounds lovely, although reading about yummy chicken pie and lamb shanks is NOT a good idea when I'm beginning to experience the first hunger pangs of the evening... :-)