Tuesday, 27 September 2011

First batch of piccies

My first set of photos from our holidays. These were taken on our dog walks around Seahouses itself. Above is the harbour with views in the background towards the beach and Bamburgh Castle in the distance.
Walking along the headland in the evening sunshine towards the golf course. There was a static caravan site to our left and the front row of caravans had the most gorgeous views out towards the Farne Islands! They must have been pricey though as each one seem to be occupied by the owners of various posh cars - big shiny Audis, Porsches, Mercs....not your normal caravan park fayre!!

The path crossed the gofl course so we had a sneak preview of some of the holes - very daunting - one par 3 shot straight over the sea! And a lovely rainbow to light up our first walk of the holiday.
I always find these shots funny - the leads going out of shot so you wonder what was on the other end of the line!
A bit of fresh water for the dogs. Shelagh in particular is a pain for drinking sea water and then coughing and spluttering as though surprised by the saltiness every time!
Collecting lost golf balls on the beach! Only one was mine....

A perfect circular rock pool. Isnt nature amazing?

And back to the harbour where the various tourist boats were tucked up for the night. A lot of boats do trips out to the Farne Islands during the summer but we didn't have time and were told that most of the bird life had left anyway. Lots of puffins during the summer. The seal pups will be born around now though so it might have been a good trip. You can't fit everything in though.

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Linz M said...

I love Seahouses - we used to spend a lot of time there when I was a kid. Great pics!

Good work on not completely overdoing it - sounds like you had a good balance.