Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 27 August 2010

Second chances

Me and D are giving it another go. It's difficult but worth another try. Misery diet is going well too - down to 13 stone 5lbs now which is the first time I've hit that number since we finished filming last summer!

I couldn't eat for quite a while but seem to be back onto food now and now the stress is making me ravenous. Still, I've stuck to the exercise, went for a run this evening. 4, maybe 5 miles and I made it up the hill which I've been avoiding. I was meant to be running 3 miles and meeting D and driving him home from the pub but our messages got mixed up so I ended up having to run home too!!

I'd like to go into more detail but it's a bit painful at the mo and D reads this blog too so better keep schtum for now.

Sorry this is dull. Will try again later....


Claire said...

Have been thinking of you. Hope things are moving forwards. Xxx

slimmerbridezilla said...

Hi Lesley
I'm still an avid reader of your blog and have been wanting to say something but couldn't quite find the right words- I really just wanted to say thinking of you and as Mrs L would say sending {hugs}

rachel said...

Oh, Lesley, this is such a hard, painful time, and many of us have been through it too, and sympathise enormously with you. But - and this is from the heart - (sorry, unsolicited advice coming up!) I would say be super-careful about how much you write publicly just now, because a year down the line, you may feel very different about what you revealed when you felt very raw, and the impact on other people involved. Look after yourself, and seek out friends to confide in, friends who you can trust to understand and support. Warmest wishes to you for a happier outcome.

Milly said...

Hugs to you Lesley, I hope you & D work something out & get to a place where you both feel happy. Thinking about you & take care of yourself right now. Milly x

Lainey said...

Hope you're doing okay and not drowning in the emotion and exhaustion of it all. Thinking of you.

Great work on the hill! x

Isabelle said...

Oh dear - just catching up. Thinking of you.

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Like Isabelle, I was just catching up on your blog this evening (I've been a horrible blogger/follower this past summer!)

You've really been through the wringer lately, that's for sure, and yet it sounds as if you are still trying as hard as hell to listen to your inner voice.

I hope you are holding up okay. As turbulent as you feel on the inside, the recent pics of you are beautiful!

I wonder if you could start a private blog, just for yourself to read, to journal your feelings (or just write in a journal the old-fashioned way).

Whatever happens, I suspect you will emerge a changed, but happier Lesley!

Thinking of you
Debbie xx