Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 10 September 2010

All change please!!

Well, the attempted reconciliation lasted a mere 2 weeks. For me it felt wrong from the start and I couldn't keep it up. Feel terribly sad that a 22 year relationship has gone down the swanee; awful that I've hurt D who I still love and care for, just not in that way but convinced that I've made the right decision for me and excited about the future, whatever it holds.

when I went back, it didn't feel like the right decision, right from the start and I just felt I would have been flogging a dead horse and probably hurting D even more.

Anyway, am at lovely kind friends at the moment but have found a sweet cottage to rent (near where you and Mr L stayed that time in Bradwell Mrs L if you're reading this!!). It's newly refurbished so clean and nice but unfurnished so will need a bit of work to get me in!!

Weight and exercise not been a problem - eat healthily and exercise in moderation!! Amazing! Weight still in the same zone as it has been since March, currently 13 stone 8. Went swimming today, training on Tuesday, golfing Wednesday and walks planned over the weekend.

I can't quite believe it - thought I would have succumbed to comfort eating by now at least! How much better an excuse does one get??!


slimmmer bridezilla said...

Bless you Lesley - thinking of you and wishing you and D well

Isabelle said...

Well, I know nothing about it except that a few things you said in the past about D didn't sound as if he was good enough for you.

Anyway, glad you're feeling positive. Onwards and upwards. All the best.

Lainey said...

I can hear the positivity coming through in your post. The fact that you even have a glimmer of excitement about what the future holds speaks volumes.

Hope you get settled into your new place soon. x

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

That is great you are taking such good care of yourself at such a difficult time.

It sounds like you are living your truth...that you are truly listening to what YOU want, so perhaps you don't have a need to emotionally eat. You are not trying to stuff down your feelings, but you're now being your true self!

I can't imagine how heart-wrenching things have been for you lately, but I, too, can sense an excitement in what you've written about your future.

It certainly sounds as though you now know you've tried everything you possibly could have, and you have listened to yourself. Bravo! You are a strong woman!

Vanessa said...

So glad that you made the right decision for you. I know it's not easy (I made a similar one recently) but I'm sure you're feel better as time goes on.

And kudos to you for doing it without comfort eating! I was not so successful.