Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Thanks Claire for the Hope Award. I'm dim and couldn't work out how to get the pic up. Tried copying and pasting but ended up with a load of text but no pic.....I repeat - am very dim in the IT sense.

So, I have to blog about something that I'm happy about now (something that makes me smile) and something that gives me hope for the future. A bit of a challenge for a woman who has just told her husband of 16 years that she wants to split up! Note I can't even now use the D word...

But probably even more worth the effort now than when things are going well. I could do with seeing what good stuff I have going on right now, now more than ever. So thanks Claire for the big challenge.

So, what am I happy about right now? What puts a smile on my face? Hmmmm, smile - what dat?

I'm happy in a non-smiley way that I've finally had the guts to do something about my relationship with D. Yes, it has been to end it but that is something. I now have the potential for a better life. Before, when I did nothing, I had no potential. Any goodness was by-product or chance.

Now, if D and I are able to work through this, it will be for a better relationship. If we do not, I have a chance at something better and, equally importantly, so does he. So that makes me happy although not particularly smiley.

As an aside, I'm perpetually smiley about my dogs. They've just had a hair cut and are looking very cute. A cuteness which belies their wolflike natures. I heard today from the dog walker that Minty (yes, sweet 2 year old Minty!) killed and ate a baby rabbit while out on a walk today. That shouldn't really make me smile either but hey - I'm blind when it comes to my doggie girls...

So what gives me hope for the future? I have my health and am fit and strong. This is such a huge change from a few years ago when I was nearly 20 stone and although health-ish, tired easily, hurt a lot and had little energy. Now I have loads of energy, the mental strength which goes with fitness and a joie de vivre which I used to only think I had. So, I have tons of hope for the future, cos I know I have the strength and energy to tackle whatever comes my way and the general chirpiness to enjoy whatever I can!!

So - once again, thanks Claire for making me say out loud - THINGS ARE NOT SO BAD!!! THEY'RE PRETTY GOOD REALLY!!!

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sian said...


I started LL in 2007 and found your blog by chance at the same time. I only sticked with LL for ten days but I have followed your blog ever since.
I've not posted any comments along the way but felt compelled to do so now.
Well done for what you have acheived so far, and for your recent courage in making what will probably turn out to be one of the hardest, but also best (which ever way it goes!) decisions you have ever made.

Take care