Saturday, 14 August 2010

Well, that's that then

Me and D have split up. I told him when he got back from the rig this lunchtime and he seemed to take it surprisingly well. It's a relief to get the actual doing of it out of the way but I know there is a lot of pain ahead of us.

Couldn't eat a thing this morning waiting for him to get home - felt sick with nerves but am ravemous now after a 3 hour walk on an empty stomach!!

We've been together 22 years so it's been a pretty tough decision.

Wish me luck peeps. xxx


Claire said...

Loads of luck to you babes. So sorry it has come to this but I know you wouldn't take this decision lightly. Xxx

Seren said...

I'm sorry. But, of course, best of luck moving on.


Lainster said...

Oh Lesley. My thoughts are with you. This is such a brave decision and I'm sure it's the right one. Well done for having the strength to get here.

Thinking of you. x

Shauna said...

Thinking of you too comrade. I am with Lainey, good on you for having the strength to make the decision. We will all be thinking of you! xxox