Sunday, 29 November 2009

That's better

I'm already feeling much more focussed and on top of things. I have had a few weeks of drifting: spending a bit too much time on the sofa and not enough exercising or eating properly. It has not been really bad, just sub-par.

And I began to feel it on my thighs and hips and tummy. Just that little bit of extra coverage which makes exercising less comfortable, clothes less flattering and one's morale dip.

So, rather than let that go from not great to bad to worse, I determined to do something about it. Of course the weather this morning did NOT help. My chimp had the best excuse ever for not going out on a mountain bike ride - it was freezing and absolutely chucking it down for solidly several hours. Even when I'm feeling motivated, I'm no match for that sort of challenge.

But I didn't give in to doing nothing. First of all, I thought I'd have a go at going to church. I used to go relatively regularly but my attendance has dwindled to almost never over the last 5 or 6 years. My friends' daughter's christening last week reminded me how much I used to like it so I thought I'd go this morning. Dashed up there only to find that where there should have been a Family Communion at 11am there was in fact a joint service in Hathersage at 10am. Thwarted!!

This could have been a good excuse to do nothing but I still didn't yeild. Back home - chores and keeping a steady eye on the rain.

Eventually it started to lighten in intensity so at around 12.30 so I got changed, grabbed the dogs and headed out for a quick walk. This was an exercise in chimp management - I kept saying that I would only do a short walk round the block, then it was a 45 minute crcuit; then Shelagh pulled to the right so I extended it to the river circuit which is about an hour and includes hills and eventuallly I extended it right to the top of Shatton and had a good solid, muddy and very hilly 2 hour tramp!

If I had set out to do route that I would not have made it past the front door!! But, just pushing onwards and waiting 'til I was already cold and wet but enjoying myself did the trick.

Once back home I have been much more productive - paperwork, washing, hoovering and not eating. I have targets too - to lose 2 lbs next week and to do some exercise every day, Monday to Friday.

I was in a little "Fog" for a while there but I seem to have got myself out of it without too much damage. Now to keep up with the good intentions.

I'll let you know how I get on.

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Peridot said...

It's always so impressive the way you pick yourself up, dust yourself down, give yourself a swift talking to and get on with it! Speaking as a serial procrastinar - I'm seriously impressed!

Peridot x