Saturday, 21 November 2009

At last

Me and Jen hamming it up on my birthday. We've been best friends (yes I know - I sound like a school girl!) since September 1980 when we met on our first night at boarding school - she was in the bunk above me and we shared a dorm for 7 years straight! I've got a picture of us taken on holiday when we were 18 in Torremolinos (yes I know that too!!) and I don't think we've changed much!! I also know that I'm lying here but you can't prove it !!

Oh, and I've learned another thing from this pic - it's not flattering for the person taking the shot, you should always get the other person to hold the camera - mental note!!

I seem to have had a season of 40th birthday events over the last 3 weeks. A big party on 7 November which was fantastic; various lunches and meet-ups with pals following on from the party - either people who couldn't make it or people who made it but wanted to have a proper chat which was not possible with the big crowd (hark at me - all conceited there!!); works lunches; a night at my school friend, Jenny's house with 2 other school pals on my actual birthday and finally last night - village birthday drinks in the pub. I feel like the Queen!!

But it's been wonderful. I don't normally make a big fuss of my birthday. Even for my 30th I just had a few people to the pub and then back to mine for many many drinks. So it was great to make an effort and then be rewarded by so many friends making an effort back. Maybe 40 is that sort of age - the taking stock and looking back as well as forward sort of age?

All in all, I'm very happy with where I am at this pivotal age. I've learned so much about myself in the last few years and have even put quite a bit of it into practise. Would I have been as content with myself and my life if I had not started this losing weight and growing up malarkey at the beginning of 2007?? I doubt it very very much.

So, it's been great and this blog has been a huge part of it too. Recording what makes me happy and why I'm upset. Taking the photos and actually showing them to people. Meeting new friends and learning learning learning.

Now it's all over - I'm just 40 now and I've got someone else's do to go to - little Fallon Rose is being christened tomorrow and there's a big party in the pub this afternoon! I'm going to walk up through the wind and rain, catch the second half of Bamford FC vs Tideswell on the Rec and then enjoy being part of the crowd rather than the centre of attention. Good luck with your first 40 years Fallon - I hope you have as much fun as I've had!!


Isabelle said...

You're 40??? Did I read that right??? You certainly don't look anything like that! I had you down as about 27.

Goodness. Happy birthday, anyway.

Lesley said...

It's official - I love Isabelle!!

Shauna said...

Happy birthday deeeeeeeeeearr Lesley :) Glad you celebrated big time!

Dee said...

Happy Birthday!! I can't believe you're 40. I don't have many years before I am there also.