Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Hi all. Lainey asked how the "Lose a stone before 1 August" Challenge is going. Well, it had a good start, a bad middle and is shaping up nicely again.

I started at 13 stone 12 and as at this morning I'm now 13 stone 3. That leaves me another 5 to go which I should manage as long as I don't have another meltdown!

We had a session on the track last night which was hard work but very useful technically. Trouble is, I'm now more focused on losing weight than on training for the 1km time trial....will have to do some intervals on that damn bike or I'll never bring my time down! It's like spinning plates, you get one under control and something else goes wobbley - a womans' lot I guess.

Right, this was only a quick update as dashing off to work now. Byeee!


Peridot said...

Wow, that weight loss sounds impressive to me - congrats.

Peridot x

Lainey said...

That's fab!

You're doing better than me. I started at 13stone 13lbs and am currently at 13 stone 7lbs. Had some random 2lb gain that I've been contending with.

You'll kill those last 5lbs no bother!

Mrs said...

Come on, Lesley!! Imagine cheering on from sides (of cycling tracks).

Thanks for comments - hope no more have disappeared.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxx