Friday, 17 July 2009


D and I went up to Slippery Stones for a swim one afternoon last trip. We were hoping to persuade Minty to go out of her depth if I was in the water with her but that didn't really work. Shelagh loved it though, she swam for ages...although she doesn't look very happy here! We had probably just told her we were going...

The old bridge which was moved to this location when they flooded the valley for the reservoirs.

Me and Minty on the way home. Minty is watching her mum below in the river with some ducks...
I think it looks as though Shelagh is walking on water here.

Minty will go in but not swim and she was very suspicious of my attempts to pull her out of her depth. Even though she is fine at swimming. She just doesn't like it and I suppose we'll have to accept that. Shame though when you see how much Shelagh loves it.

There is a brilliant swimming hole further up which is 15/20 foot deep and big enough to have a proper swim in but all the local teenagers hog it when the weather is fine so no good for oldies like me!

I must have stopped supplying her with sticks, hence her grumpy glare.

I have been stellar, stellar I tell you, at sticking to a very strict diet and doing loads of exercise over the last 4 days. And, while I saw a drop on the scales on Sunday and Tuesday, they have been stuck for the last 3 days!! Now that is all very well when you're bumbling along doing your normal routine but when you are pushing yourself hard, you really need to see some actual results!

Not happy.

I did 2 sessions of exercise yesterday - a tough hour of personal training first thing and then, at 9pmwhen I was tired and not in the mood I made myself do a 30 minute session on the bike. That might not sound much but I did a practise 1km at "flatout" speed as well as intervals and a tough 10 minute warmup where you build slowly to maximum intensity. I was sweating and panting and didn't have a lot left in the tank afterwards.

So then, to get on the scales this morning and, at first, to see a 6lb drop only to realise that it's a scale error and then for the exact weight as I was yesterday to flash up. Well, it hurts.

What did I eat yesterday?? Strawberries and yoghurt for breakfast. Mushroom soup for lunch (no bread or crackers of anything). 4 apples as snacks throughout the day and crayfish salad for supper. Just water and a couple of cups of teas to drink. Barely 1000 calories.
I feel cheated.

Anyway.....reset the chimp's thinking here....I didn't cheat and that's great. I doesn't matter what I weigh today; the weigh in that counts is next Friday. I'm doing well and I'll see a big drop soon as long as I stick to it and keep up the exercise.
Silly chimp for getting all worked up....daft tart that she is....


Peridot said...

Wonderful pics - looks idyllic. We finally managed to get yellow lab swimming in Wales though she's a more enthusiastic paddler, it's chocolate lab who is obsessed with swimming as often and for as long as she possibly can.

You WILL be rewarded for your hard work, really. Just a thought though, 1000cals is very low, might that be the issue? Sometimes very low calorie intakes can mean your body stubbornly holding on to everything in case there's a famine in the offing.

Have a great weekend

Peridot x

Mrs said...

Oh Lesley

That has made me sob my heart out - NOT your stellar activities and disappointment on the scales. It was the swimming with your doggies. Completely joyous.

Loved the update from the Mal, too!!

Kiss your girls from me. I am missing mine so very much.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxx