Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Monday, 20 July 2009

Rainbow Village

Well, I've been pretty good and managed to lose another paltry lb but am feeling a LOT slimmer. I went shopping today for wedding outfits in the sales and fitted easily into size 14's in several shops so I have actual empirical evidence of shrinkage!

I bought a GORGEOUS dress in Monsoon. Black silk, halter top with pink (and blues and greens and oranges) , vaguely Chinese style embroidered roses splashed across it. It fits brilliantly and looks very flattering on me. You know one of those dresses that you actually look forward to's classic and lovely. I might have to wear pull-in-your-tummy pants so as not to spoil the line across the middle but it'll be a small price to pay!! Not only that but I already have the perfect shawl and bag to go with it. they were both purchased separately and were "not qutie right" so shoved to the back of the wardrobe to await this serendipitous moment!!

I went shopping looking for a totally different item but sod that - this is a find!

Speaking of which - last week I went shopping looking for the same thing I was looking for today (the perfect evening top....which doesn't exist....) and ended up with the lovely outfit pictured below. Our local pub threw a Rainbow Party (no, I'd never heard of one before either) to mark the last night of our village's Carnival Week. I happened to remember on my lunch hour and went to the depressing New Look and found this great new look (geddit)! Everything bar the denim skirt was purchased in one 20 minute stint, even the shoes and fake eyelashes. Nice eh?

BTW, I didn't purchase Vicky - she's a pal from the village who tried in the rainbow stakes but I think came in runner up on this ocassion!
Do you like the lashes??
The band was excellent...lot of cheese and very funny. Tehir version of Flash Gordon was brilliant as was "I live in fear of Ikea" (which I do too)

Vicky's OH Dave - not bad Dave but quite good enough and those are my shades anyway!
They were practising "Go Lesley" moves for Friday night - awww sweeet!

I think I won the prize for the most rainbow-like person. Actually I really enjoyed it. Often I'm a bit half-hearted when there's fancy dress. I wear something but don't go the whole hog. Well, not last Saturday. I know I would not have gone all out like that if I hadn't lost some weight. It's one thing dressing like a fool when you're a size 14 and another when you're an 18. It shouldn't be but that's a bit how I felt/feel. A confidence issue or not wanting to stand out too much.

Whatever, I enjoyed my moment on Saturday and despite being sober as a judge and wearing those ridiculous shoes (at least 4 inches) danced for ages.

It's our big finale on the track on Friday night and I have a few friends coming across to support me. I'm a little nervous but mostly excited. All in all, it's been brilliant. Now I just need to live it for the rest of my life!!!

I can do that. Me and my chimp can do that, I should say...


Peridot said...

I agree that when you're fatter you feel more self-conscious and want to fade into the background more - which I accept would be tricky in that get up! You look great and very into the spirit of the occasion (I've never heard of rainbow days - I take it that there were no hangover vicritims there, ouch!)

Congrats on the 14s too. Can't wait to see pics of you in the Monsoon dress!

Peridot x

Shauna said...

you look great and you sound bloody chipper too :) hope the finale goes well on friday. the dress sounds fab too, do we get a stickybeak? :)