Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Carbo-loading bollox!!

Our first bullfinch visitor. I got very excited when I saw him...lovely isn't he with his gorgeous salmonyred/pink chest and glossy black poll?

Greedy guts Mr Siskin...such a messy eater.

They told us to take it easy for the last couple of days and to switch from mainly protein based meals to mainly carbs (not increse the calorie intake just increase the carb content) to give our legs plenty of energy.

So, yesterday I ate: strawberries and raspberries with yoghurt for breakfast; fruit snack; sushi and yoghurt for lunch; fruit snack in the afternoon; and pasta with veggies and a bit of bacon in tomato sauce for supper. Should have been an excellent day and built on my good result yesterday on the scales. But no.

3 lbs on!!

In a day.

Does not compute.

Not happy.

It is difficult because we have 2 competing aims for tomorrow night - firstly to lose weight because that is, if we're honest, what the viewers will "judge" us on and secondly to beat our times on the track over 1km which is what we really care about and what our mates in the audience will see.

So now I'm not sure what to do. I know I'm not going to get derailed and eat badly but I don't think I'm going to pile another bowl of pasta in my gullet for my greedy muscles to gobble up and hold onto for dear life!! Maybe a middle road with a small portion of pasta but also salad and protein. Oooh, a balanced meal, haven't had one of those for a while....
Wish me luck!


Peridot said...

It so does not bloody compute - but it's not 'real' weight as you know but some freaky result from eating carbs, don't let it knock you off course when you're doing so well.

I do love reading what other people eat - it gives me new ideas and allows me to compare. Does that make me odd? Or nosey? Or both?!

Peridot x

Shauna said...

ahhhhhhhhh the birds are so cute!

that sucks about the carbo loading! if i was the producer wanting maximum drama and results, i'd weigh you BEFORE the carbo loading and not tell you the resu;t then let you carbo load to the max and just do a stunt weigh-in for the cameras then reveal what the numbers were! hehehe.

Lainey said...

That is so frustrating! By why don't you stop weighing yourself every other day - you know it takes a few days for changes to show/stick/settle down.

As for the carb loading, could you have quite a carby lunch and then maybe just fish, some green veg and a few new potatoes for tea?

Lesley said...

Yeah - that's what I've been thinking Shauna but TV people are not the brightest I've discovered...there is a lot of making it up as you go along!

Lainey - I've been told to weigh every day during the programme but will be going to 3 times a weeks thereafter. My chimp needs firm facts or she will start to mess with my mind!

Mrs said...

Lesley, you will be fine. I know you will. A 3lbs gain is a b*tch - no two ways about it - but tomorrow IS another day and who knows what the scales will say. Make sure you feed yourself to do the trials in the best way.

I am rooting for you. Your inner athlete will emerge!!


Big kiss.

Mrs Lard xxxx

Isabelle said...

You're doing so well!

Why do birds not have to worry about gaining weight? Maybe we should start flying...