Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Sunday, 18 May 2008

-8 (Chatsworth 10 km)

All bright eyed and bushy tailed at the start.

Shelley at the finish. I looked and felt much like this!!

Us modelling our Helen's Trust t-shirts at the end, not quite so bright eyed or bushy tailed!!


Weight - 12 stone 7 lbs! Yay!!
Exercise - I ran in the Golden Gates 10km race for Helen's Trust at Chatsworth this morning.
Abstinence - Not bad. I had a small bowl of lowfat, low cal porridge this morning to give me some fuel for the run and I had a couple of poached eggs for supper this evening as well as my soup.

The race was great. I started with Shelley and Nicky, both of whom said they hadn't done enough training so they were going to be really slow. So, of course, after 200 metres, I was well behind! But, the route has a huge hill in it, about a 2km climb quite near the start (not all of it steep but quite bit of it bad). I tried to run all the way up despite the fact that almost everyone else was walking but had to concede defeat and walk for about 20 yards near the top. Still, in that stretch, I overtook both my friends and didn't see them again until the end!! Ha! tortoise/hare eh?

Once the big hill was out of the way it was great. Lovely bluebell woods, trails through dappled meadows and lakes and views over Chatsworth House and its grounds. The last mile was along the Estate road and so fairly flat but, by then, even the gentle incline and headwind was enough to nearly finish me off. It was only the fact that I was running with a really nice guy called Russ that kept me speeding along. I'd helped him on the hills, he'd kept my pace good in the woods and then I left him for dead going downhill (I'm braver running downhill than these town runners!!). So, when he caught up with me with 1km to go, we finished off together at a nice pace.

I came in at (I think) 1 hour and 2 minutes although I haven't got my official time. I'm quite pleased with that as it was my first 10km and a hilly course. I've got a benchmark for future races now.

Shelley was a few minutes behind and Nicky quite a way after that (but pleased to finish).

Anyway, I was pleased to run it and didn't do much with the rest of my day bar a bit of cleaning and a bit of gardening and taking Shelagh for a nice long walk this evening. I'm off to the pub for a few (waters!) now so will check in again tomorrow. Byyee!


SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

Brill Progress on the run and yet more lovely pics of the doggies.

You are doing well moving down the pounds, despite a few bits to eat. As you know I eat too and reason, if htis is for life I need to stop feling deprived and learn to eat in moderation or when hungry!

Hope you got a day off Monday to rest your legs,

Sam xx

Mrs said...

Awesome! I am so very impressed!

Well done!

Big kiss.


Cath said...

Wow, brilliant achievement - well done. Well done for the weight loss too, you're really doing great xx

J said...

Hi Lesley
Many Thanks for your messages - they have really helped - have still stuck to it - just a teeny bit frustrated at the pace patience has never been a strong point. Am trying to drink more water as feel I may have become a bit lax in that regard and am going on a power walk later with friends (not sure my creaky knees would thank me for running at current weight)

You are doing fab -and look great on the run - well done am v jealous (but in a good inspired way).The dress for the wedding sounds lovely - do post a pic
Janine x

shelley said...

Looks like a beautiful run - good time too!

You will have to model your outfits for us!

Steph said...

Well done!! So in awe of you running that distance. I could never do a run, it just isn't in me to run anywhere.

And what a beautiful place, I love Chatsworth and it has been such a long time since I was last there.

You're doing so well.