Monday, 19 May 2008



Weight - 12 stone 8lbs. Well, I did suspect that yesterday's loss was a bit unlikely!
Exercise - rest after yesterday's race but I did take the dogs for a walk and mow the lawn so not a total bust.
Abstinence - I found myself at an all day tax seminar which was not expected (I got the days wrong). I couldn't have a pack there as did not have the accoutrements so made the best choices I could out of the sandwich lunch. I did have a few naughties but not bad.

So, after a week back on the packs, I have dropped 10lbs and moved 10lbs closer to fitting into those lovely size 12's. [Notice I didn' say that I have "lost" 10lbs!! Marisa would be proud of me]

Foodwise today, I was not great. Started off well with a shake but then was caught out by having to attend an all day VAT seminar (yes, it was as interesting as it sounds!) without having sorted myself with a tetrabrik or means of making up a soup. So I chose the healthiest items from the sandwich bar and didn't load up my plate and moved on. No point in beating yourself up about these things.

I had an interesting episode in the car driving home though. Mrs L talks today about realising that her weight didn't go back on in one go, it went on as a result of lots of small wrong choices. Well, I so nearly compounded one understandable poor choice at lunchtime with another unnecessary choice this evening. I was trying to talk myself into eating food again this evening on the dubious grounds that I ate at lunchtime and I can "start again properly" tomorrow!! (How many times have done that when on diets in the past??)

What a load of crock! There would have been no earthly reason for doing that and it would probably have spelt the end of this little 2 week push. Anyway, as I reasoned with myself, part of me trying to rationalise failure, a small part of me recognised this and I just decided that I wasn't going to do that!

The difference in this case between sucess and failure was the simple fact that I wasn't actually very hungry! I think if I had been hungry, I might well have given in. I take that as a sucess though as it means that hunger does actually have some influence on whether or not I eat.....sounds obvious, but it didn't used to!

So Mrs, you're right, it is many small decisions which make up our lives. I'm just pleased to report that, today, I made a good one.

Having said that, I am hungry now so I'm going to head off for my delicious chicken pack and a cup of tea!!! other news, Minty had her second jabs today so she is free to walk in the world! I took her for a short walk through the fields with Shelagh this evening. She loved it but was a bit nervous of all the new things...lorries on the road, sheep baaing at her and the bridge over the stream. Very very cute. I'll take some photos next time there is a nice evening.


Crystal said...

I agree, it's the small decisions and choices that shape and define our lives and it's great to see that you made a good choice today. Way to drop those 10 pounds, that's wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley. I just came across your blog from a comment you left on Pastaqueen's blog.

I am right at the start of my journey. The diet I have personally chosen is Rosemary Conley but I have often wondered about the Lighter Life plan. From what I have read about it, it does seem to produce very speedy results (I think it is just the cost that puts me off).

Can you tell me how much you have lost all together? (I have tried going back to the beginning of your blog but my PC keeps crashing when I try to scroll through the Archives!).

When I get home (I am currently at work and sneakily surfing for a few mins!) I will add your blog to my Blogroll, as I am very excited when I find other UK weight loss bloggers!

Best wishes,

shelley said...

Time to check in again girly...lets see those dresses!

shelley said...
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Cath said...

Hope it's all going well for you - have a lovely weekend


shelley said...

Two steps forward, one step back. At least you are still down! Just keep at it and you will reach your goals!

Mrs said...

How are you? Hope you are enjoying walks (albeit wet ones) with Minty and mum.

When is the wedding?

Thinking of you.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxx

shelley said...

Nudging you again.

I'm also tagging you with a meme, to at least try to get you posting.

Hope your doing okay. :)

check out the meme rules on my blog.

Alison said...

Well done on making a good choice and glad CD is doing what you want it to. Is the Marisa Peer book worth getting? Paul McKenna didn't do a great deal for me and I'm loathe to spend money on another wasted diet book. But I've been bad and am in need of some inspiration. I've written my first post for eight weeks and am catching up on blogs I enjoy, like yours. Thanks for being so supportive - I hope I haven't let you down x

Peridot said...

Hi you

Why so quiet? Hope everything is okay.

We LOVE your blog - and I'm sure it's YOUR reflections on YOUR life and that's absolutely valid, right and proper.

Peridot x