Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Nearly 3 full days of the 14 days challenge done.


Weight - 12 stone 13lbs
Exercise - 31/2 mile run (including 2 good size hills)
Abstinence - perfect (so far....but quite hungry!)

This'll only be a quick one as I have still to have a shower and get back down to the telly before 7.45pm for the start of the Rangers game (UEFA Cup Final in Manchester between Glasgow Rangers and Zenet St Petersburg).

I've had a really hard, busy and taxing day (workwise, not diet) but have stuck to my guns and not weakened on the abstience front. It has actually helped with the work as I've had to focus my mind on that to avoid thinking about snacking.

To add to that, I had a snippy and unsatisfactory conversation with D just before lunch which drained me a bit. That could have been a big trigger for me - "work stress + mini row with D= "treats" for Lesley"!! But I didn't let it and being in this strict routine helped. I made my soup and escaped into a book for a while at lunchtime and that distracted me.

I've drunk scads of water too as I've been fighting off the detox headache (combined with the work stress headache too of course). Hopefully I'll be in ketosis tomorrow (no ketostix so can't check properly but I should feel the energy rush and the lack of real hunger).

It all sounds a bit grim but it hasn't been - it's actually been quite positive. I feel thinner already in that pleasingly empty kind of way and I went out for a lovely chatty and sunny run with Shelley this evening which has put me in a much happier frame of mind. We're running in a 10km race up at Chatsworth on Sunday so we planned how we're getting there etc and had a look at the route too ( a bit hilly!).

Not only that, but I'm working from home tomorrow and have Friday off altogether so the long weekend with my doggies stretches out in front of me - WOOOOHOOOO!

I'm glad to see that so many people are getting in touch - thanks for your comments, they do help me so much. I'll try and post a more thoughtful, less rushed post soon.



SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

Thanks for the support.

Well done on the exercise front and not eating your way through the nasty bits.

Keep up the fab weight loss so far.

Sam xx

shelley said...

2 pounds in a day! wow! I'm going to be jealous!