Monday, 14 January 2008

Day 1 of January regime done

Not perfectly - did a pack for breakfast and anopther for lunch (as they say on the Slimfast ads...) but had 2 pieces of fruit during the day and a Muller Light yoghurt. Had a proper supper - grilled pork chop with (low fat, of course) stir fry cabbage/scallions etc and a spoonful of mash (without butter) and fruit afterwards - would have been a stellar dieting day if not for the 2 pieces of bread and butter/jam I sneaked in this evening!

Hey ho - the thought was there and I managed to resist the urge to snack once the bread thing was out of the way......sigh....

I did go swimming at lunchtime and walked quite a long way to and from a meeting when I could have driven so all in all I'm pleased with Day 1. Lots of water too which helped.

I have training tomorrow with the lovely Huw which I'm nearly dreading - but I will be a lot happier when the first session is done and out of the way.

I was thinking this morning as I dressed that, were it not for my clothes getting tighter, I would actually be quite happy with my fatter body as it is now. My bust is much nicer than when I was at my slimmest and everything else is quite toned and pleasingly rounded. BUT, for some reason I am compelled to try and get down to where I was or near to it. Wonder why? I did like that feeling of skinniness and the slightly gaunt look of my tummy and hips (my legs will NEVER be thin) so that must be it. Or maybe it's the fear of not being able to stop here at size 12/14 and creeping up into the 14/16 (and beyond??) that forces me to get back down again. Either way, I will do it.

It's strange dieting because I've decided to rather than through sheer desperation/misery. Hope I can keep the motivation up. I found reading a couple of blogs by women who are still struggling along with LL or CD really helped as they reminded me of my feelings of determination while doing LL proper and that it is actually quite a nice feeling to be doing something positive and to feel a little bit hungry...weird though that may be. So thanks Cath (who I'm really pleased to see is back in the game) and Peridot. Keep it up. And you of course Mrs - we both know what we're up against here and we're still playing...

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Mrs said...

Hello hello

You and I are going to be passing that baton between us this year, methinks.

We're still here, we're still trying. We WILL get there!!!

I feel as if nearly all the gang is here - what with Cath (thanks for the pointer!) - and all!

So, girls, let's make it OUR YEAR!!!

Big kiss.

The abstinent other! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx