Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Tuesday - not TOO bad...

I had training in the morning which was a severe shock to my system - even Huw could hear my congested lungs wheezing for breath so he went easy on me. Still - it was a good start.

Then a seminar in Sheffield followed by buffet lunch. I wanted to chat to several of the other delegates as we're all in a similar but unusual field so it's good to compare notes occasionally so found that I ate more than I should sort of on auto pilot.... Not too bad though, no pastries or sweet, just a couple of extra canape type nibbles.

Supper fine and I managed to restrain myself from snacking in the evening beyond a couple of satsumas and a Muller Light yoghurt with berries. So - all in all not bad. Everything still feels tight - yuckily so - but I'm not going to panic. I'm going to keep wearing the offending items to remind me that they are TIGHT and stick to this plan for another couple of weeks at least,. Hopefull it'll yeild results and I won't have to take the nuclear abstinence option!!

Oh yes - I also read (from cover to cover in a day) Shauna Reid's book based on her blog - "The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl!". It is excellent, funny, heartwarming and inspiring. She lost 12 and a half stone (half her body weight) by "normal" dieting and exercise over 7 years. I think her example is leading me to see the importance of finding a balance while eating normally and not relying too much on the packs. That's what I'm aiming for anyway.


Mrs said...

Aha! That IS the dilemma - balance versus hardcore! Please give your body time to adjust after the bug!

You are giving me lots of food for thought!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx

Peridot said...

Yes, I do think you need to cut the cord with packs - that is NOT normal eating. You're such a healthy girl with your exercise etc that I don't think you need that crutch.

I was interested in your comments yesterday about size (but couldn't comment cos it wouldn't let me) - it's part of Western tyranny I think that although you FEEL better slightly larger, the psychological shame of being a 14-16 label rather than 12-14 overrides your natural instinct.

I'm also amused (and bemused) that I've helped you get back to it - presumably so you DON'T end up like me?!

Peridot x

Lesley said...

Naaah - Peridot - not that, just your attitude of getting back down to it, accepting the pain and striving for a goal however difficult it might be to achieve!!

Still struggling with long-term versus short-term dilemma!

Lesley x

Peridot said...

Thanks so much for your long post on my blog, Lesley. I'll go away and think about what you say on exercise and post again on this.

Very shocked about your treatment at the hands of your (former?) GP - puts my experiences right into perspective.

Keep us updated on your packs vs long-term health and fitness inner debate.

Have a great weekend too.

Peridot x