Saturday, 28 November 2015

November walk (while it's still November!)

The weather today is grim.  Cold, wet, rainy and windy.  Not that I have seen much of it.  A brief trip being driven to the Post Office and a quick walk to the bins being the extent of my outdoor adventuring today.  Rich played golf this morning before the rain kicked in and took the dogs out and informs me that I haven't missed much!

So, when I spotted these pics from a sunny autumnal walk earlier in the month I thought it might lift some spirits.  We went up to Surprise View and then walked around Millstone Edge and back.

 It was a warm, sunny day although early November.  Definitely tee shirt weather and I was slightly annoyed I hadn't gone for shorts!

The dogs met a lovely greyhound while exploring the rocks.  Minty was not impressed by the situation but Shelagh was perfectly happy.

We scrambled through the rocks and down to the old quarry below which is now a peaceful birch wood.  It never ceases to amaze me how you leave a busy car park full of families and walkers, walk for 20 minutes then not see another soul for hours afterwards.

After the woods we crossed the main road and headed down towards Millstone Edge.

A stunning view of the Hope Valley.

Unsurprisingly, Millstone Edge is named after the former principal industry there - making mill stones.  I presume the market  for the stones collapsed as there are dozens, probably hundreds just lying around, being covered by moss and gradually growing into the earth.

The human effort involved in chipping these massive polo mints out of gritstone staggers me.  And it is hard to picture what these gorgeous, grassy woods must have been like when they were a working quarry, teaming with people and horses.  Now it has a smattering of walkers and climbers and a few sheep!

At the end of the wood, we climbed up the quarry wall and turned back towards the car park. You can see the rock formations we had scrambled through at the start up ahead.

All in all it was a lovely, if limpy, walk.  I hope this operation has been a success so that next time we head out onto the hills I can go further and not suffer for it afterwards.

We've had a lovely afternoon in front of the fire and the telly watching the Murray brothers in the Davis Cup but I wouldn't like to stay in EVERY weekend!  We're out this evening for the Golf Club dinner.  No dancing for me but at least I am getting out of the house for a change of scene.


Seren said...

Oh Lesley what gorgeous pictures - especially that close up of the leaves against the sky. Would you mind if I got a print of that - it would look beautiful in our bedroom!

Fingers still crossed for your speedy recovery.


Pam (Isabelle) said...

It's horrible here too: wet, windy. Your pictures are definitely cheering! Good wishes for your speedy recovery.

Gabby said...

Gorgeous pictures! And hope you recover quickly xx

Peridot said...

What beautiful photos! You really must get on instagram...