Monday, 23 November 2015

Being sliced and diced

So the big day has arrived. I'm presently waiting for my operation. I was hopeful that I would be going to theatre early in the afternoon as the consultant said he likes to do the quick procedures first. Sadly that doesn't seem likely now as I've just been given a glass of water (woo hoo!). It looks as though I might have a 2 or 3 more hours to sit around. It's after 3pm now but I'm still hopeful of being let out this evening

I am starving!! We were told to have a light breakfast before 7 so I got up at 6.30 and had a bowl of branflakes with a banana. (It's very strange eating at that hour.) I went back to bed and slept for a couple more hours. Chores, walking the dogs and sorting the house out this morning then Rich's dad gave me a lift in. And now it's just a waiting game......with a rumbly tummy.

Having spoken to various nurses and a friend who has had the same procedure, I'm a bit reassured that I will be more mobile after the op than I'd expected. Hopefully this means that I can get back to proper exercise by the beginning of next year. I genuinely can't wait. I've been dreaming about running - can you believe it?! I have decided to invest in some new gear, warm running leggings, new shoes etc and really get stuck in. I hadn't realised how much I must have missed the proper exercise so am looking forward to reintroducing it to my life.

Golf and dog walking are all well and good but they're not the same as proper, sweaty workouts.

Happily, my finances are slightly improved at the moment too so I have some leeway for equipment, classes and gym membership if need be. 2016 will be the year when it all happens!!

And that means more blogging too, to keep me on the straight and narrow. So apologies for being a neglectful bloggie pal. It has been a pretty tough 6 months since Mum had her fall and the whole sad procession of hospital, nursing home, funeral arraangements and now probate started. Work is horrendously busy too both with more wogk and fewer people to do it. And all that combined with increasing pain from this dratted foot.

Now it feels as though I can see light at the end of the tunnel and that is a very positive feeling when I've been in the tunnel for quite a while.

That's not to say that we've had an unremittingly gloomy 6 months or anything. I'm still so happy with lovely Rich and we've done quite a bit and been away for a few football awaydays and golf trips. It's just that the general WORKLOAD of my life is quite heavy which gets wearying. It will be nice when it's lighter. Fingers crossed for Christmas.

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Seren said...

Hope all goes well! Thinking of you.