Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Dieting while static!

Obviously I'm out of hospital now.  It was a wearisome day as I wasn't taken down to theatre until 7pm having arrived at the hospital at 12 so there was a lot of sitting around in a hot room getting bored and frustrated.  However, everything went very quickly once we got going and I was out and home by10pm and had a good night's sleep.  Now I'm just shuffling around the house trying to avoid cabin fever and not pile on the lbs.

It is tricky to watch what you're eating while you're barely moving.  Although slightly easier than I thought it would be. I can walk around the house in my big ugly boot but must not stay standing for long periods or walk far which is a bit of a drag.  And, when I'm sitting around, I have to keep my foot elevated which is also a drag.

Having said that it is a LOT less of a drag than I expected it to be!

I'm not in a lot of pain which friends had said I would be, just some discomfort from time to time.  I'm still taking my pain meds religiously though (only paracetamol and souped up ibuprofen) as otherwise my jailor caregiver (Rich) will nag.

I had a full day off yesterday but am doing a few hours working from home today to keep work things ticking over and me from going crazy with boredom!  I don't think I could do full long days though as, despite it only being laptop based stuff, the discomfort and awkwardness does take it out of you.

It was weird yesterday though, I had felt really positive and chirpy as things were easier than I'd expected but then, later in the evening, I suddenly felt really teary and down for no reason I could think of. Rich was somewhat surprised to have a crying woman on his shoulder and I had no explanation to offer him.  A colleague told me today that he had felt something similar the day after he had a general anaesthetic so I'm hoping that it was just a side effect of that.

Foodwise, I'm trying to stick to branflakes and a banana for breakfast, a light lunch (preferably not bread based) and a normal but smaller supper.  No snacks apart from drinks and fruit.  I've designed a short upper body workout too - just arm weights, abs and a few press ups on my knees and have done that for 2 days now.  There's not much else I can do without leaning on my foot.  It is more exercise (other than walking) than I have done in a long while so I'm hoping I will carry it on after I've completed my recovery.

As I mentioned in my last post I'm definitely going to join the gym again in January too (despite the fact that January is the WORST time for gyms) just to keep the momentum going.  I was texting my sister last night and we're both really motivated for next year.  2016 is going to be our year!


Seren said...

So glad you're ok - and working from home already? What a bloody hero!!! I'm resolved to make 2016 a good year as well so will be right there with you.


Pam (Isabelle) said...

Yes, anaesthetics are definitely a shock to the system.

Glad you've got it over with and hope you recover soon.

I was so touched to read your reference to "lovely Rich". I've been reading your blog since you were saying things about your husband which made me think that he wasn't good for you at all. So happy that you're happy now!

Alina Joshy said...

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