Monday, 27 July 2015

Baby steps

I wasn't brave enough to step onto the scales this morning but I have made a start at dieting again. A late breakfast/lunch was SW compliant as was supper and I haven't scarfed down on toast or "naughty" snacks.  Exercise was only dog walking and dancing but I made sure the walk was a hilly one despite the rain.  I will admit to an unauthorised piece of toast this evening, but only the one so not tooooo bad.

I will give it a good go this week and will try to find the time tomorrow to mock up a sheet for recording of food and exercise purposes.  It really helps me stay on the straight and narrow.

So, if I'm going to keep the momentum going, I need to work out what exercise I'm going to do tomorrow while working from the office. Choices are an early morning swim on the way to work, a run at lunchtime or a run in the evening. None are particularly appetising.  The early morning swim is, well, early.  The lunchtime run a pain as I have town type chores to do and not enough time to do both run and town. And I know I'll be out of energy by the evening as I have to meet up with someone for a legal favour straight after work so I'll be later home than usual.

On balance, I think the early morning swim is the best option so I will have to prepare properly to avoid all temptation to back out! I know what that sneaky chimp is like.

I feel better for getting started.  As though I've opened the door to the hallway of The Zone and can hear and smell the action within but I'm not quite inside yet.

Come on someone - give me a push through that door!!

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Seren said...

Consider yourself pushed missus :-)

No luck getting the sheets? Have you tried eBay? There is usually loads of WW stuff knocking around on there so might be good for SW as well.