Sunday, 26 July 2015

A new walk!

I arranged to meet up with my pal Jenny on Saturday.  She was dropping her daughter off at a wedding in the middle of absolutely nowhere.  The daughter was invited as the friend of the daughter of the bride so I hope they both enjoyed it.

Talk about remote though.  Where I live is very countrified but at least we have a couple of shops in the village and pubs and a chip shop.  These villages didn't seem to have any of that and the roads were TINY!  I was searching for the venue, a luxury farmhouse B&B, and found myself on the wrong side of the valley, driving up a huge, steep hill on a road a few inches wider than my car.  I was dreading meeting another car and having to reverse down.  Luckily I didn't meet anyone until I reached the top and we were level with a farm track so could scoot past each other in comfort.Phew!

God knows what it is like in winter.

Anyway, we eventually met up at the farm place and realised that it was the perfect place for a walk. So we abandoned our earlier plan and headed into the unknown.  Genuinely the unknown as we were walking on concessionary Access Land paths which were not marked on the OS map! Still with some creative guess work we married our path up with the official footpaths and found a perfect 6 miler, right over the hogsback of Chrome Hill. A stunner.  Hope you like the pics:

That's Chrome Hill to the left.  A weirdly modern name for a hill I thought.  Most were much more ancient sounding - Packhead Edge, Axe Edge etc etc

 Minty admiring the view while hiding amongst the rocks.

That's Packhead Edge ,the razor sharp looking hill in the middle of the shot.

The dogs enjoyed a cooling paddle in a ford.

An unusually sturdy footbridge.

The farmplace to the left is where the wedding was taking place.  It is hard to describe how "in the middle of nowhere" it is.

But lovely backdrops for the wedding photos!


Stephbospoon said...

Very remote! But beautiful. Like the pink shorts too :-)

Pam (Isabelle) said...

That looks stunning. You look pretty good too!